Julie Anne Genter will prevent violence by redesigning cities

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Julie Anne Genter is taking brave steps to reduce violence against women.

Redesigning cities to?prevent violence against women and reduce street harassment and assault will be a priority for Women’s Minister?Julie Anne?Genter.

Genter, who is also associate minister of health and transport, said women are being let down by the design of cities and streetscapes that put them at increased risk.

Once again we are blaming inanimate objects for causing harm.? Are the street signs slapping women on the arse as they walk past? Traffic lights having a perv as you wait to cross the road? Doubtful.? But it could possibly, just possibly, be the violent creeps that live amongst us that think it?s ok to bash women, usually in the privacy of their own homes.

She will work with the New Zealand Transport Authority and local councils to push for all environmental design projects to?incorporate elements that will prevent harm to women.[?]

Fixing the wrong problem.? Get the assaulters, rapists and paedophiles off the streets.? Oh wait, that doesn?t fit with Little?s catch and release policy.

[?]”Crime prevention through environmental design is something that needs to be taken into account, and that particularly affects women,” she said.

“I think New Zealand is a fairly safe country, but there’s a lot we can do with?the built environment. Ensuring that there aren’t entrapment points for example, that you’ve got well-lit routes, that you’re not planning off-street cycleways through parks that might be empty at certain times of the day, which would be more dangerous for women.”

Encouraging more people to?walk?or cycle?also created?a safer environment, Genter said, due to more “passive?surveillance” – the perceived notion of being caught when a potential offender thought they were being watched.

[?]”One of the best litmus test for a safe public space is if a woman is happy to walk down it at any time of the day. You don’t?judge it by if a middle-aged man feels comfortable walking through the space. It’s if a lone woman can walk through and feel safe,”?Campbell Reid said.

“It is not being done consistently in New Zealand – we absolutely must do better.”[?]

Show me the numbers.? How many women in New Zealand are assaulted due to poor town planning vs domestic violence assaults?? What a nonsense puff piece that does nothing for the safety of women.