You know where you can shove your can of tomatoes don’t you? (Just kidding)

Message received loud and clear…



For a less emotionally charged explanation…


This afternoon, I took $500 worth of groceries, that a kind Aunty had paid for, down to Te Whare Aio. When I got there, they were very keen for me to take photos of the pantry, as it was. They hadn?t staged it. This is what it looked like. Not a drill.

As you can see, plenty of tomatoes for anyone who wants to cook with them. I?ll take them to an Aunty who?ll cook them into delicious meals.

So we started packing those 3 boxes, one for each woman who?s currently there, and then we put the rest in the pantry.

While I was there, Kiri told me about their latest intake (the newest arrival). Arrives traumatised, ripped out of her home with her two wee kids, at 2am.
And nothing to eat. She didn?t want to eat, but the kids were hungry and crying. So they got what was there.

And this is what this has all been about.
Making sure that when a woman arrives, traumatised and in shock, that there?s soft and easy food for her to eat while she gathers herself and finds her bearing.
Because nobody will bring her hot meals, nobody will make sure she eats. It?s up to her.

I hope this helps you understand.

I’m going to say this, and I’m only going to say it once.
The Aunties, from the beginning, when I set it up 5 years ago, had a very simple ethos. You give, with love. And that means no judgement. If you’re finding that too hard to do, and you’re commenting on this page, please kindly take your opinions elsewhere.

The women we work with read this page, comment on this page, and I will not have them privy to nasty thoughts, ill judged advice, or condescending attitudes. Some of the posts I have read are mean spirited, and that’s to put it mildly. You are perfectly welcome to your opinions, but not on this page where vulnerable women can see them.

This organisation was set up for them, to meet their needs, and love them, care for them, and hold their hands when needed.

If I see any more, after this post, your comments will be deleted, and you will be banned. We operate very very differently to lots of other charities. We have personal relationships with our clients, and I will not have anyone judging them. This page is to inform the Aunties of our goings on. If you’re interested in the Aunties, that’s fine. We welcome you with open arms. If you’re just here to air an opinion best left unheard, then this post is for you.

Thank you.

-TheAunties FB page