The label of “student politics” is being continued by Joyce

Whaleoil is very good at creating a label and then reinforcing it over time. Many labels that start on Whaleoil end up being used by the MSM once they become commonly known. We really need to update our Whaleoil dictionary to include all the ones created over the past three years including Golly G.

A few memorable Whale labels include:

  • The Media Party
  • Cock tax
  • Angry Andy
  • Big Sugar
  • Hit job

Steve Joyce is continuing a label that I believe was started by Judith Collins. The label is that the new government is practising?”student politics”

Judith Collins has launched a stinging attack on Jacinda Ardern, saying the Prime Minister needs to understand our relationship with Australia isn’t “student politics”.


Yesterday I received an?e-mail from Steve Joyce where he reinforced the idea that our new government is run by someone who is acting like a student politician.

The new Labour-led Government is set to rush through tax legislation at the end of this week to remove $1060 of extra cash from the pay-packets of average Kiwis that they would have received from?1 April?next year.

It is deeply ironic that the first significant act of a Government with the stated aspiration of lifting workers? wages is to reduce what hard-working Kiwis will receive in the hand.

[…] This isn?t theoretical student politics. Labour?s tax plans will have a real and significant negative effect on the lives of over a million New Zealanders.

I expect the label of “student politics” to be used regularly by National party MPs over the next three years.