The latest ISIS-inspired attack happened in New York on Monday ( *will update throughout the day)

Former New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton says the explosion was an ?ISIS-inspired attack? by a suspect from Bangladesh.

By: AP and World Israel News

A pipe bomb that was strapped to a man exploded in a New York City subway station near the Times Square area of Manhattan on Monday, injuring the suspect and another person on the platform at the height of the morning rush hour, law enforcement officials said.

The terrorist and the victim were both being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The explosion, which happened around 7:30 a.m., triggered a massive emergency response by New York police and firefighters both above and below ground, tangling subway and bus service at the nearby Port Authority bus terminal.[…]

One person was in custody after the explosion. The suspected bomber was a 27-year-old man from Brooklyn, law enforcement sources told?Fox News.

A video from above the ?Crossroads of the World? shows lines of police and emergency vehicles with lights flashing and no traffic moving.

Everything around the Port Authority in the 42nd Street area was shut down ? a surreal scene of still at what would ordinarily be a bustling rush hour.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton told?MSNBC?his sources in the department said the explosion was an ?ISIS-inspired attack.? Bratton said the suspect was from Bangladesh.

The last Islamic terror attack in the city was also?committed by a Bangladeshi?Islamist.?Eight victims were murdered?in that attack and 11 others were injured.

The New York City Police Department is responding to reports of an explosion in downtown Manhattan Monday, according to the department?s official Twitter account.

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton stated on MSNBC Monday that the explosion was a terror attack committed in the name of ISIS, although the explosion was not the intended target. Bratton added that the suspect is reportedly Bangladeshi and has been in the country seven years. He is currently in custody.

At least four people?were injured?in the blast.

Here is […] picture of the attacker.

The explosion reportedly occurred below the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan, a major thoroughfare for the city during rush hour.

Police and the fire department are responding to the situation, and?ABC 7 reported?that the explosion may have been a pipe bomb. Police have also taken at least one person into custody, and at least one person was injured,?according to CBS.


This post will be updated as information develops.

Motive:?Ullah told investigators he carried out the attack because of recent Israeli actions in Gaza, a law enforcement source said.

More on suspect:?In conversations with authorities, Ullah pledged allegiance to ISIS, according to one law enforcement official with direct knowledge of the investigation.?He is of?Bangladeshi descent and lives in Brooklyn, two law enforcement sources told CNN. Ullah held a Taxi & Limousine Commission license from March 2012 to March 2015, after which the license was not renewed, TLC spokesman Allan Fromberg said. It’s unclear “whether he drove for any particular base, or whether he simply got the license but didn’t drive at all,” Fromberg said.

Residency:?Ullah came to the United States in 2011 on an F43 family immigrant visa, said Department of Homeland Security spokesman Tyler Houlton. He is now a lawful permanent resident. According to the State Department, F43 visas are granted to children of American citizens’ siblings.

What his neighbor says:?Alan Butrico owns a Brooklyn building next to the home where he says Ullah lives with his family. He said Ullah lives in the basement, while his sister and brother live above him. “He wasn’t friendly at all. The family was very quiet themselves. They don’t talk to nobody. They just stay there,” he said, adding that his tenants reported hearing “screaming and yelling” coming from Ullah’s home the last two nights. The tenants did not call police, he said.

Type of device:?Ullah wore an “improvised low-tech explosive device attached to his body,” which he intentionally detonated, Police Commissioner James O’Neill said. The device, a pipe bomb, was attached to Ullah with Velcro and zip ties, said John Miller, NYPD deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism.

How bomb was made: According to a senior New York law enforcement official and a city official being briefed on the investigation, Ullah told police he made the device at his workplace. It’s unclear where he’s employed. Added Gov. Andrew Cuomo during a news conference, “Anyone can go on the internet and download garbage and vileness on how to put together an amateur-level explosive device, and that is the reality that we live with.”

Being treated:?Ullah is at Bellevue Hospital, where he is being treated for lacerations and burns to his hands and abdomen, New York City Fire Department Commissioner Daniel Nigro said.

Other injuries minor:?Two victims at Mount Sinai West and one at Mount Sinai Queens are being treated for headaches and ringing in the ears, Nigro said.
Suspect affiliations:?It’s unclear if Ullah is linked to any terror organization, but when asked if Ullah was connected to ISIS, O’Neill responded only that Ullah “did make statements, but we will not talk about that.”

Location and time:?The blast detonated around 7:20 a.m. ET in an underground walkway connecting two subway lines, officials said.

Terror links?
Mayor Bill de Blasio called the incident an “attempted terrorist attack,” while Police Commissioner James O’Neill called it a “terror-related incident.” Cuomo said the perpetrator used an amateur “effectively low-tech device.”
“There are also no credible and specific threats against New York City at this time,” de Blasio said.
The A, C and E subway lines were evacuated, NYPD Sgt. Brendan Ryan said. The subway entrance on Eighth Avenue was closed.