The left can’t help themselves, now calling truth telling dirty politics

Philip Matthews is a left-wing journalist at The Press. He is very vocal on Twitter, and that says everything you need to know.

In his column yesterday he is blaming dirty politics for the revelations of the truth behind Golriz Ghahraman’s embellishments.

Remember?Dirty Politics, the Nicky Hager??book that exploded like a noisy but confusing bomb during the 2014 election? The premise was that Right-wing bloggers were doing the former government’s para-journalistic?dirty work. It went underground after that but with a new centre-Left coalition?in place, it was bound to rear its ugly head again. Which it?certainly did?this week when new Green MP and former refugee Golriz?Ghahraman? was?targeted by the usual cabal?of critics and stirrers over claims that she had deliberately misrepresented her legal career. Her calm response to every hostile interview and accusation, even a?petty one from blogger David Farrar that she had not really seen anything traumatic during the Iran-Iraq war, was a masterclass in seeing off a minor political crisis?while her critics looked small and obsessive. The final score:?Golriz 1, dirt peddlers nil.

He attempts by innuendo to smear those telling the truth about Golriz Ghahraman, because she can’t seem to, by associating them with Dirty Politics.

He, like every person who uses the term in a pejorative manner like him, lacks the ability to reason. If it is something they don’t like then it is “Dirty Politics”. He is also trying to say that those of us who were uncovering the hidden history of a Green MP are operating at the behest of the National party.

What rubbish.

I wouldn’t lift a finger to do anything for the National party while it is run by Bill English, and also the last three years I actually worked my arse off to make sure they were in opposition. So that accusation doesn’t hold water, much like Golriz Ghahraman’s CV.

It is not dirty politics to catch liars, cheats and bullshitters. It is just politics. His use of the term cabal suggests we were all working in collusion – on a plan. That doesn’t hold water either. We aren’t the ones who have been economical with the truth, we aren’t the ones who posed for selfies with convicted inciters of genocide, and we aren’t the ones who have been telling the lies. That all rests with the Green party.

His claims also ignore the fact that Bill English has instructed his caucus to stay away from this. It also ignores the fact that for the whole week the left-wing were trying to say this was a Labour hit-job on Ghahraman – because Phil Quin led the charge. Anyone who knows the modern Labour knows that Phil Quin’s phone doesn’t get answered inside Labour any more than inside National.

So, once you know all that, what are we left with from Philip Matthews? Nothing. As usual.

What the whole Golriz Ghahraman issue shows is that political journalists like Philip Matthews are far too quick to accept the assertions and claims of left-wing politics as gospel. Just like they unquestioningly accept Nicky Hager’s claims of dirty politics as gospel. They ignore the lies, the mistruths and in the case of Hager, the inherent illegality of how he obtains his information. Those are all means to an end, justifiable because the opposition are just so awful that anything, including breaking the law, can be done to get them.

Those political journalists are the real Hollow Men, they are the practitioners of dirty politics. They simply can’t see it because they are so partisan. We know this because they keep claiming I am the hit man for the National party, when everyone (except them) knows I am not.

This whole saga was just three blokes calling out bullshit. What was embarrassing is that no one in the mainstream media bothered to fact check Golriz Ghahraman. They all know Phil Quin worked in Rwanda, why didn’t they alert Phil Quin? Why was it left to me?

Before idiots like Philip Matthews open their gobs about dirty politics they should bother to have a sit down with me and find out a few facts.