A jump in tourism for Croatia thanks to mass Muslim migration

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Croatia’s Tourism Giant Valamar to Invest 705 Million Kuna in 2018

A source has told me about the boost in tourism for Croatia thanks to mass Muslim migration in the rest of Europe. In Poland, they?are resistant to taking Muslim migrants despite pressure from the EU. In Warsaw, there is no visible Muslim presence with no women wearing hijabs or men with Muslim style beards. Many of the other countries in Europe like the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Slovakia do not want Muslim migrants in their countries either. This is not surprising as they have populations that are between 75% to 96% Catholic. They want the EU rules adjusted because of their resistance to accepting Muslim migrants.

I’ve been told that the growth in Tourism on the Croatia Rivera and the many Islands, Greece, Italy is exceeding 20% annually. The Makarska area is already heavily booked for Summer 2018 by Poles, Germans and Czech’s.

It is considered a safe place for girls and women to wear skimpy?swimwear and large numbers of families drive for as long as 20 hours to get there because safety is their priority. The beaches and the 5km Makarska promenade have no visible Muslim visitors or residents and the predominant ethnicity is white European.

My source says that now we are seeing the EU split the situation is only going to get worse. It’s like a ticking time bomb on a short fuse with an undercurrent in Germany and France as well as Sweden and Holland. Many see it as a 6 trillion problem created by the Germans.