It’s like the AA but for violently anti-semitic Imams

Did you hear the one about the?New Jersey Iman who called for the murder of Jews?

It?s no joke.

But the measures to deal with him are.

A New Jersey imam who delivered two violently antisemitic sermons over the last month is to be sent for ?retraining,? the president of the Islamic center where he serves announced on Thursday.

I can imagine that it would be just like an AA meeting. All the violent, anti-semitic Imams would be?sitting in a circle introducing themselves.

” Hi I’m Muhammad and I haven’t called for any filthy Jews to be slaughtered for 7 days now.”

” Hi Muhammad.”

Ahmed Shedeed said that Sheikh Aymen Elkasaby, imam of the Islamic Center of Jersey City, would be meeting with ?interfaith scholars? who would ?consult with and retrain him,? following sermons in which Elkasaby called for the murder of Jews and attacked the west for having made Muslims the ?tail-end of all nations.?

?This is like sending someone to rehab,? Shedeed, the Islamic Center?s president, told The Algemeiner when asked whether Elkasaby would be dismissed from the imam?s position.
Because apparently what he has is like an addiction. Except instead of having drinking or drugs on his mind, he has the murder of Jews and infidels.

Yeah, I am guessing even this kind of ?retraining? wouldn?t work.

?The scholars will help him to learn to deal with these issues,? Shedeed said ? adding that Elkasaby had spoken ?in the heat of the moment? following US President Donald Trump?s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel?s capital on December 6.
Apparently the ?moment? is over a month long, and even preceded Donald Trump?s decision.

Asked about an earlier November 24 sermon ? in which Elkasaby angrily recycled the conspiracy theory that Israel planned the gruesome terrorist assault on the Al-Rawda?mosque in Sinai in which more than 300 worshippers lost their lives ??Shedeed said he had not seen these comments, and would look into them.

According to MEMRI?s?transcript?of the November 24 sermon, Elkasaby asserted: ?[…] By Allah, this could only have been done by the enemies of Islam ? the Jews and their subordinates from among the Muslim rulers.?
So with all due respect, I think it is?Ahmed Shedeed who needs retraining ? in how to provide credible excuses. Because the ones he put forward are real doozies!

Meanwhile in New Zealand not even an AA version of retraining has been offered for the unacceptable preachings of Salafist preacher Sheikh Dr Anwar Sahib who is the Imaam of Masjid at-Taqwa mosque or New Zealand Muslim leader Sayed Taghi Derhami (Pakuranga) or any of the Islamic State supporting Imams in New Zealand.

Is this because FIANZ doesn’t consider their hateful preaching to be a problem that needs to be fixed? Perhaps in this, they are being more honest than their compatriots in America who seriously?expect us to believe that calling for people to be slaughtered is an addiction that like alcohol can be mastered with the application of a little retraining.