Would you like a chance each month to win 1 Kg of the finest coffee beans?

1 Kg of Blueburd’s famous coffee beans

The coffee beans are the finest Certified Organic 100% Arabica Fair Trade Beans. They have been imported through the Trade Aid Organization of New Zealand and are freshly roasted here in New Zealand.

It is the one vice that everyone wants

It is?Blueburd’s?famous Coffee Vice?coffee

Blueburd contacted Whaleoil to offer us his sponsorship so we put our heads together to create a fun competition that all Whaleoilers can take part in.

Once a month I will select one of the photos submitted to View From Your Window and I will make it the competition photo. The first person to correctly guess where the photo was taken with the most accuracy will win a 1 kg bag of Blueburd’s?famous Coffee Vice?coffee.

*If you submitted the photo you cannot take part in the competition and we are trusting you not to spoil the fun by telling anyone else the location.

Cam and I will pick a photo that has enough hopefully enough visual clues to enable our Sherlock Whaleoilers to figure out the location.

Harness the power of Autism ( if you are lucky enough to have some) and make the most of the visual clues like these guys did…

The competition will start January 2018 so keep an eye on View from Your Window for when we publish the competition photo for the month.

Are you excited? I know I am.