A little less conversation Jacinda, and a bit more action please

Jacinda Ardern is still banging on about having conversations:

The Government will go to the nation to?consult on what targets should form the basis of a Zero Carbon Act.

It means legislation will not be introduced this year, as the Government looks to consult over next year before it’s drafted.?An “interim” Climate Change?commission will be set up, to begin setting New Zealand?on a course to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the first step toward establishing New Zealand as a carbon-neutral nation alongside?Green Party co-leader James Shaw.

Cabinet agreed to a process of consultation in 2018, before the Zero Carbon Bill was introduced in October.

“This is a big task and the transition will take decades. Climate change challenges us to make fundamental changes to our economy and we have a moral responsibility to do that in a way that brings people and communities along with us,” Shaw said.

“By the end of this Parliament, our goal is to have put in place the framework that will guide our economy toward a net-zero emissions economy by the year 2050.”

Zero carbon? Are they all going to kill themselves?

Ardern said consultation would begin from May?next year. It was in the Government’s “100-day plan” to set the carbon zero goal, and Ardern said it had been achieved with the “bare bones” announcement, but a lot of work still needed to be carried out.

I don’t know what school this little missy went to, but I do believe that by not setting a target this is a “Not Achieved” in NCEA parlance. No goal set is a fail in old school parlance.

The consultation period would also be used to discuss what work the independent Climate Commission would carry out, but the interim commission was expected to?begin preparing advice for the Government from?March.

“The interim committee could start by looking at agriculture, which contributes almost half of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions, and how we can transition to 100 per cent renewable electricity,” said Shaw.

“I expect that the Climate Change Commission will pick up the interim committee’s work in those areas as it puts together a wide range of recommendations.”

Answering questions over how the Government could continue giving grants to mining companies, when it had a long term plan for carbon neutrality, Ardern said “our future isn’t in fossil fuels”, but transition would take some time.

We’ve always been really clear?we do, as a nation, need to transition. What we’ve had in our first few weeks are a couple of issues come to us where we’ve realised we’ve actually, as a Government, had no discretion on some of the decisions we’ve had put before us to take into account things like environmental impacts,” she said.

A little less conversation, deary, please.