The lucky winner of Islamophobe of the year

Arzu Merali, Co-Founder of IHRC

I didn’t even know about the awards so I didn’t enter. To be honest I am gutted that I and Whaleoil didn’t win. I have written so many posts to warn and educate about the ideology of Islam and Sharia law that I feel I should at least get some kind of a runner-up or bonus prize.

Yet again the patriarchy wins (sign) and a privileged wealthy white man takes away the trophy.

[…] IHRC co-founder Arzu Merali dedicated her speech to the more serious, underlying message.

[…] ?In 1997, people saying hate crimes were committed against them as Muslims was 45%. In 2004 it was 85%. We are in an Islamophobic Country (UK),? She said.

Her comments do not ring true. In America hate crimes against Jews are the main problem.

American pie chart:


In fact, British?Jews are far more likely to be victims of a hate crime?than British Muslims which is why organisations like IHRC are needed to build the narrative that Muslims, not Jews are the victims in the UK and that Islamophobia is a serious threat.

The awards are the only one of their kind in the UK.

[…] The final award of the night was announced to a hall echoing with ironic cheers. ?Islamophobe of the year 2017? went to US President Donald Trump, for his attempts to ban Muslims from flying, or for that matter, climbing over (as yet) imaginary walls, to enter America.

It is to be noted that President Obama had almost exactly the same restrictions on the same countries when he was in office yet there wasn’t a peep out of the IHRC back then because he was seen as a useful apologist for Islam.


[…] Here is the final list 2017 islamophobia category winners:



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*IHRC has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Their work includes submitting reports to governments and international organizations, writing articles, monitoring the media, cataloging war crimes and producing research papers on hate crime, discrimination, the nature of human rights.