Man of the year

Like him or loathe him there has never been a president like him. Right from the start, he was up against incredible odds including an opposition willing to cheat at the ballot box yet he still triumphed. Once elected he had to fight to be allowed to do his job. He was slowed down and held up repeatedly by legal warfare but he persisted. Members of his own party continued to try to ankle tap and undermine him but he refused to give up. The opposition tried to impeach him and threw pity parties in the streets but he kept going. Despite all the odds he still got things done and kept his promises. I have never seen another President quite like Donald Trump.

It?s that time of the year when media outlets write up the people and trends who defined the year while ignoring the man who redefined it.

2017 was the year that the United States of America got up off its knees. It was the year that we stopped following the world and started leading it. It was the year that our booming economy accomplished the impossible. It was the year that we became a great nation again.

And one man is responsible for that.

President Trump promised to make America great again. And every day, it?s happening. Factory workers and small businessmen, farmers and ranchers, soldiers and police officers are waking up to a renewed America.?Time?chose a social justice hashtag as its ?Thing of the Year?.? We?re choosing the man who turned the country around as our ?Man of the Year?.

When President Trump promised 4% economic growth, the media herded together economists to prove it couldn?t happen. CNN surveyed 11 economists and Bloomberg asked 80 economists. They agreed it was impossible. 2% growth was the best that we could hope for. And we would have to get used to that.

And then the GDP growth estimate for the fourth quarter of 2017 approached 4%.

Americans are realizing that maybe we don?t have to just get used to dividing up the last torn shreds of a failing economy between leftist crony billionaires and their officially entitled victim groups.

Maybe we can do better.

The S&P 500 Index?has gone up?20% this year and the Dow is up 25%. Holiday shopping season sales are?up almost?5% over last year. Consumer confidence is at a 17-year high. The unemployment rate is at a 17-year low. The manufacturing industry just?had its best month?of job gains for the year.

All of this isn?t just a matter of dollars and cents. It?s the knowledge that things are getting better. You can?t fake it. The media spent eight years promising a recovery that no one believed in. Obama announced that the recovery had happened more times than he ended the Iraq War. And just like the end of the war, it never happened. It?s happening now because people are living a better future.

Call it? making America great again. Not for government officials, but for ordinary Americans.

Obama made life great for government bureaucrats. In the era of hope and steal, the bedroom communities of Washington D.C. became the wealthiest counties in the country. Americans lost their jobs, veterans lost their lives and the government bureaucracy grew fat on their misery.

While the VA was killing veterans by putting them on waiting lists to save money, it paid out $142 million in bonuses. The EPA did its best to kill the economy while profiting from its misdeeds.[…] Now the free ride for the swamp is finally over.

Under Obama, the IRS handed out $100 million in bonuses to its employees. Tens of thousands of dollars?went to Lois Lerner?who had targeted conservative groups. Under Trump, the former IRS commish, on whose watch the targeting happened, is warning that tax reform?will be a disaster for?the IRS. Meanwhile after tax reform, millions of people across the country are getting $1,000 bonuses.

That?s what the Trump economy looks like.

Obama spent us deep into debt and told us to hope. Trump isn?t telling us to hope. He?s actually delivering. That?s why his political opponents are so afraid and so desperate to bring him down. Incumbents rarely lose elections. And incumbents with a booming economy at their backs are bulletproof. The Democrats have bet everything on their Russia conspiracy theories because they know that Trump will be able to ask Americans the same exact question that Reagan did in 1980 and 1984.

“Are you better off than you were 4 years ago??