Why do the Manus refugees prefer New Zealand to the United States?


Refugees on Manus Island who are waiting to be sent to the United States under a transfer deal have apparently expressed a desire to move to New Zealand instead.

Genuine refugees would be jumping for joy if they were offered citizenship in a prosperous democracy like the United States. Country shoppers, on the other hand, would pick New Zealand but not because we are their ultimate destination.

Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says recent intelligence from inside detention centres on Manus indicates many want to move to New Zealand, but he won’t allow it to become a back door to Australia. In a debate in Australia’s House of Representatives yesterday, Dutton said he didn’t put people on Manus Island and was working quickly to get them off, but not at the expense of starting the boats again.

The only reason they want New Zealand instead of the United States is because their ultimate destination has always been Australia. If our naive PM continues down the path she seems determined to travel these undesirable refugees will not live in New Zealand for long.

He denied the Government had ruled out or not seriously considered accepting an offer from New Zealand to take 150 refugees from both Manus and Nauru, but said he’d first need assurance New Zealand would not be a back door.

The only way that assurance could be given would be if the advantageous agreement we currently have between our two countries is altered to prevent Kiwis from moving to Australia to live. Is Ardern really prepared to throw that away thereby impacting all of us in order to bring to New Zealand a group of very undesirable men who will add nothing positive to our communities?

“The latest [idea] is you can go to New Zealand, become a New Zealand citizen and come to Australia shortly thereafter. That is not going to happen.”

Dutton again claimed four boats intercepted by Australian Border Force officials had been bound for New Zealand, a destination being marketed by people smugglers as having generous welfare, health, education and housing systems.

The debate was prompted by Green MP Adam Bandt’s motion in support of a Senate resolution calling for the Government to accept New Zealand’s offer.[…]

the government was able to force a rerun and it eventually won the division, successfully seeing off the Greens motion. Bandt took to Twitter after the vote to declare supporters of the men on Manus would keep fighting to try to secure a transfer to New Zealand.

Green MPs in Australia seem to be as nutty as Green MPs in New Zealand. It must be all the soy and tofu they eat. Then again maybe it is their revenge on the New Zealand Labour party for the citizenship scandal that hit so many Australian politicians thanks to Chris Hipkins?


-NZ Herald