Maybe Labour has worked out that fat bastards are just fat bastards and there is nothing they can do about it

In opposition Labour attacked National for everything under the sun. Everything was a crisis which needed Labour to fix it.

There was the housing crisis, and now Labour is apparently going to defy reality and logistics, not to mention the RMA and build 100,000 houses. Then there is “child poverty” which Jacinda Ardern stated was the reason she entered parliament, to eliminate it. Again Labour are finding that slogans in opposition don’t actually provide solutions.

And so we now have David Clark scratching his head over how he can actually make fat bastards stop stuffing their gaping maws with tonnes of food.

Despite slamming the previous Government’s approach to reducing obesity, new Health Minister David Clark is reluctant to commit to an initiative he threw his weight behind before the election.

Speaking to the?Herald?in July, Clark accused National of having a “head in the sand” approach when it came to obesity.

National’s Childhood Obesity Plan included a target to see 95 per cent of children identified as obese at their B4 School Check referred to a health professional for treatment.

At the time, Clark told the?Herald?Labour supported having real targets for obesity reduction?rather than referral targets and would be held accountable for reaching them.

But since being appointed health minister, Clark has remained non-committal on whether the Government will set a target, let alone what it will be.

“I’ve criticised the previous Government’s targets on obesity because it focuses on how many people are referred rather than measuring real health improvements,” he told the?Herald?in a written statement when questioned on whether he would be implementing a target, what it would be and how it would be measured.

“The Labour-led Government is committed to improving health outcomes for all New Zealanders. This will include considering changes to our health targets so that we ensure people have better health.”

Making a target won’t solve anything. Putting in sugar taxes won’t stop fat bastards being fat bastards, and it will penalise skinny people who shouldn’t have to pay.

The only way to reduce obesity is to directly tax fat bastards. Make these immense people stand on scales and then hit them in the pocket. At the very least they will have less money to spend on food and that will benefit them too.

What is obvious though is David Clark is realising that grandstanding and sloganeering is just going to get him hit with the same accusations he’s been throwing around for years.

Welcome to reality.


-NZ Herald