Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Boss

Merry Christmas everyone,

This year has been pretty tough…and it started being tough a year ago almost to the day after I was hospitalised on the 27th December last year. No one to this day knows what it was but I spent a month lying in bed in pain.

At the peak of the illness I was taking the maximum dose of Gabapentin (a nerve pain killer), M-Eslon (a long acting morphine), Severdol (a short acting morphine), Aciclovir (an anti-viral) plus a few others. It was originally thought to be Bells Palsy, but the pain disproved that, then Shingles was suspected, but no rash appeared. In any case all the doctors and specialists remain baffled.??

What I do know though is that my face remains half paralysed, but you’d only notice it if I was stressed or tired. Then it really locks up and affects my speech. It happened a few times in court this year. I had to explain to one judge that I wasn’t winking at him, I just couldn’t control my facial muscles. So, my face remains numb, tingly, and paralysed after a year.

Speaking of court…I had my case with Colin Craig in May. I spent my wedding anniversary in court. It is now seven months since the case concluded and we still have no judgment. This is highly ironic because Colin Craig argued, successfully, before the trial judge, that it should be judge alone on the basis that the case, if held before a jury, would take longer. It turns out it took the same amount of time as Jordan Williams’ case, four weeks, and we were judge alone. It is now seven months since the case concluded, so the argument of it taking longer with a jury trial is somewhat moot. It is unlikely to be resolved any time soon. We still wait on the court processes and the trial judge.

Other cases are progressing slowly through the system, and I had a partial win against the troughers by having a number of claims struck out. I am appealing the others and in the new year we will have the appeal on that.

I am very fortunate on that case, and also with Colin Craig to have the able support of Brian Henry my barrister and his glamorous assistant Charlotte Foster. They have been of tremendous support and counsel through these trying times.

There are far too many people to thank during this year, to thank them individually. You all know who you are. But a special mention to the dedicated team of volunteers who have stuck by me through thick and thin this year. Without your support and assistance, it would be much more difficult to compete in the modern media environment. Thank you.

To my close friends, a very Merry Christmas and happy New year to all of you. My merry band of brothers at the church, my close mates, my hunting and fishing buddies…your support has mattered. Thanks to you all.

Now to the future…

Well, in case you were concerned…I’m not going anywhere despite the claims of my detractors. The site will continue but as always it will morph and change. I am working on some exciting new developments at the moment, but am guarding finances closely, so things will take a little longer to implement sometimes than I would like.

I am also working on a couple of offshore projects which I will share with you in coming months as they come to fruition. Of course Simon Lusk and I launched The Wild, a hunting and fishing website. That doesn’t mean I am going to drop off my output at Whaleoil, it just means I am building my media platforms to cover niches where they wouldn’t be normally covered on Whaleoil.

Stay tuned, things are only going to get better this coming year.

Thank you all for your love, support and good wishes. I love doing what I do and will continue to do so for the benefit of all.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.