Misinformation campaign about Partnership schools: Don’t be fooled

Five statements about Partnership schools that are part of a disinformation campaign by the government:

1. The Labour party are not focussed on closing Partnership schools?

Partnership Schools have been told by the Ministry of Education that there is no guaranteed transition to one of the recognised forms of state school (designated character, integrated or private), instead, they must close as Partnership Schools. After they have been closed they then have to make an application to open as a State school, and the Minister and ministry?will consider their application.

2. Partnership Schools don?t follow the NZ curriculum

All Partnership schools already follow the NZ curriculum

3. Partnership Schools don?t employ registered teachers

They all employ registered teachers. When they have non-registered staff it is to teach things that registered teachers are unable to teach like physical (army style) training at Vanguard Military school.

Physical training at Vanguard Military school.
PHOTO-Vanguard Facebook page

4. Partnership Schools are funded better than state schools

The Ministry of Education confirms that Partnership Schools are funded on an equivalent basis to comparable State schools.

5. Partnership Schools are elite

Partnership Schools were established to serve New Zealand?s priority learners which include Maori, Pasifika and Decile 1-3 pupils. The contract these schools have with the government requires 75% of their students to be priority learners.

PHOTO-South Auckland Middle School facebook page