Nastiness inside Green ranks exposed by leaks

Things are not all well within the Green party, they are starting to leak like a sieve.

A letter from disgruntled Green Party staff to its MPs has revealed complaints of low morale, bad communication and unfair treatment.

It highlights how difficult the party has found the transition into government, with a greatly reduced caucus and managing new ministerial responsibilities.

The Green Party has always prided itself on its tikanga, campaigning strongly on workers rights, speaking frequently at union events and describing work as?“being valued and valuing each other”.

However the letter reveals staff are unhappy with the way they’ve been treated since the party has become part of the government.

The Greens have always been hypocrites and sanctimonious finger pointers. This proves it.

RNZ understands there has been a push from senior party staff to hire external people for key advisor roles. There was some pushback, with one minister, Julie Anne Genter, going against the directive and hiring existing staff.

The letter makes it clear that some staff also took exception with the processes and some were left with the “distinct impression they were not valued” or that they had “defects” in their work.

“MPs and senior staff should now be fully aware of the damage to staff morale created by this drift away from Green kaupapa,” the letter said.

“They should also know that the manner in which Green staff have been treated has already diminished the reputation of the Green Party.”

The letter also states staff were prevented from providing feedback on a proposed staffing structure and “MPs impinged upon important rights to be heard”.

The low -morale within the party shows it is still struggling to completely recover from a poor election campaign that was disrupted by the resignation of its co-leader Metiria Turei.

The Green party morale is affected because they believed in supporting a thieving ratbag who was intent on grandstanding. That grandstanding failed as Kiwi voters expressed their displeasure.

After the election, the party lost nearly half its number of MPs, forcing it to shed staff and reshuffle office spaces.

The promotion into government not long after added to the chaos.

“Many staff have been in a holding pattern for over a month, which has created uncertainty, paralysis, and low morale,” the letter said.

While the Green Party has been celebrating having ministers for the first time, it’s understood this has created some tension within the caucus, with some long-serving MPs, who were overlooked, feeling disgruntled.

A spokesperson for the Green Party declined to comment on the matter, saying it did not discuss employment matters.

There are persistent rumours floating around about the list process and favouritism shown by James Shaw. Very specific information about special relationships being favoured is being shopped around. My understanding is that media other than myself are starting to ask questions based on this information. It certainly won’t be very comedic when everyone finds out what has been going on. The leaks keep on coming, let’s see where they land.