We have no idea of the costs but, hey – Let’s Do This!

An interesting answer to a FOI request has appeared on the Official Information Request site

The request was to the Minister for Climate Change (a curious title as I thought he was the Minister AGAINST Climate Change) which asked:

Can you please supply the total costs to the NZ economy, per year until 2030, for all the climate change policies introduced by the new Government.

Please also indicate which public or private costs are excluded in the numbers supplied.

The obligatory picture of harmless water vapour used to illustrate every Climate Change story
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The answer, posted by?Georgina Beasley from the Office of Hon James Shaw | Green Party?Co-leader | Minister for Climate?Change | Minister of Statistics said:

I will shortly provide you with a formal letter confirming the Minister?s?response to your request.

In line with our duty to inform you of the outcome of your request within?twenty working days of being received here in the Minister?s office, I?would like to let you know that your request has been declined under?section 18(e) of the OIA, as the information does not exist.

The Green website has this to say:

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The article continues:

?Green Party research shows we can achieve this respectable 40 percent target by 2030, even if we give agriculture five years to transition before the sector has to take climate action.

So, “Green Party research” [we asked Golly G, and she wouldn’t lie – would she?] has been done without any attempt at costing the proposal. Fantastic!

James also seems to have an extraordinarily short memory span. [Too much time spent in the goldfish bowl that is NZ Politics?]

On 10 May 2017 James asked the then Minister for Climate Change a question to which the answer was:

I have received a range of advice on the cost to the economy of reducing emissions to meet the 2030 target. These costs are set out in the National Interest Analysis of the Paris Agreement, available on the Parliament website:

James is quoted as saying:

The Greens want to reach 100 per cent renewable electricity generation by 2030, stop new coal mines, fracking and deep-sea drilling, and create a humanitarian visa for Pacific Islanders displaced by climate change.

But he has NO IDEA of the costs to New Zealand of his Party’s policies or his grand pronouncements!

And these muppets are part of the COL governing our beautiful country – I despair.

I have a suggestion for another policy for James: “In order to reduce the carbon footprint from flying, the Labour/NZF/Greens government will build a tunnel between Wellington and Canberra (for use by electric vehicles only) so that Jacinda can more easily govern both countries.? The tunnel will be opened before the end of this parliamentary term. Costings for this policy do not exist.”

If this was announced, I think that even the NZ media would laugh it out of court, but equally ridiculous, un-costed, unachievable and unnecessary climate policies are reported without any MSM journalist asking probing questions.