No wonder he wants rid of National Standards

Chris Hipkins

Chris Hipkins is a creature of the teacher unions. They say jump, he asks how high?

He has upended the education system by abandoning National standards, and now we know why…

Chris Hipkins said he felt “sorry” for some of his primary school teachers.

When Hipkins was 9, his teacher said even though he was “interested in what goes on in the world”, he?needed an attitude check. He enjoyed reading, but had “careless spelling”.


This is just hilarious. It seems nothing much has changed.

He’s still got that class monitor attitude and is easily swayed by others, especially teacher unions. He certainly needs a greater effort in understanding his role as leader of the House. He certainly must read for greater understanding now…particularly on the success of charter schools when state schools nearby are failing.

So far he is true to form on his written work and his standard of work which continues to remain low and his attitude certainly needs improving.

I once had a teacher at Grammar, his name was Graeme Marshall, and he was the local PPTA rep. He loathed me, and made a point of always referencing my father and his roles in the National party in class. I came top of his class in English but he decided to scale my marks down because I didn’t hand in any class work. I got 95%, he scaled me back to 75% because the next best person has 76%. To cap that off he wrote on my report, and I’ve remembered the exact wording to this day, “A splendid exam result, achieved with little obvious effort”. He intended it as an insult, but I’ve carried that as a compliment all my life.

I came top of the class, with continued little obvious effort and the one and only time I got to walk across stage and shake John Graham’s hand was that final year at Grammar.

What comments have teachers left on your reports?