The NZ Human Rights Commission: 2017 highlights and lowlights

Kia ora Juana,

2017 has been a big year for the Commission and for human?rights in New Zealand.

We?ve been able to achieve some incredible things and bring attention to a number of important issues […] Thousands of Kiwis have signed petitions, read the stories of survivors, given nothing to racism, shared the Commission?s videos and messages, advocated on behalf of others and helped encourage organisations to introduce life-changing policies and practices.[…]

We on Whaleoil have written quite a bit about the Human Rights Commission this year so I have put together a combination of both the highlights and the lowlights for 2017.


Government Commits to inquiry?into abuse in State care:

[…] This followed continued campaigning by the Commission and others for a public apology and independent inquiry into the historic abuse of at least 100,000 children and disabled adults who were taken from their families and held in State institutions between the 1960s and 1990s.[…]

?We need to shine a light on the abuse that took place in our State institutions. Those who were responsible should be held accountable, we must learn from the past, so we can ensure that this can never happen again,? said Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy.


In November the New Zealand Human Rights Commission again pushed its agenda for “hate crime” data to be collected by police. Hate crime is a label that has not been defined and is almost impossible to define as it is incredibly subjective.

The Commission has been working with NZ Police on a plan that would see officers collect statistics on whether a crime is motivated by race, gender, religion, age, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation.

?We want officers to be able to collect that data because at the moment it is all anecdotal. With respect to people who have said hate crime is not a problem in New Zealand: people in minority communities tell us it is. Right now, we have no evidence to point to either way because we do not collect the data and that needs to change,? said Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy.

The HRC said that collecting the data was the ? first step? but they did not say what it was the first step towards. I can tell you right now that collecting the data is not the first step towards a solution. It is the first step towards a political agenda to collect information to back up a predetermined narrative that they want to push.?That narrative will be that New Zealand suffers from Islamophobia.


[…] Launched independent report into Seclusion and Restraint practices in New Zealand

The Commission released the independent report Thinking Outside the Box ? A Review of Seclusion and Restraint Practices in New Zealand, written by international expert Dr Sharon Shalev. The report was commissioned to provide an independent perspective on seclusion and restraint practices in several different detention contexts and to identify areas of best practice, as well as areas that require improvement.[…]

?These matters are particularly concerning, given what seems to be New Zealand?s high propensity to use seclusion and restraint. The focus must now be on improving the situation. Dr?Shalev?s?report provides an important catalyst for further discussion about these issues,? said Chief Commissioner David Rutherford.


HRC’s Dame Susan Devoy missed the point entirely when writing about the disturbing incident at The Islamic Ahlulbyt Foundation Centre.

Devoy forgot to mention the disgusting words by the Kiwi speaker, Shia Muslim leader?Sayed Taghi Derhami, and the visiting Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Shafie. It just proved that she only read the headline and did not watch the video or read the transcript. Frankly, I am less worried about the diplomat and more worried about the Kiwi resident speaker from Mt Albert and the kids in the audience.

On top of that, she just mentioned the Youtube clip. She neglected to mention it was a speech in a mosque to youth. Plus she failed to mention the calls for Israel?s destruction.


Historic convictions for sex between men in New Zealand to be quashed
In February, former Justice Minister Amy Adams announced that historic convictions for sex between men in New Zealand will be quashed. The Commission has advocated that this should happen and welcomed the announcement.[…]


HRC go negative in their campaign against Racism showing that they still don’t understand that you catch more flies with honey.

When will the NZ Human Rights commission learn the simple truth that?

You do not promote harmony by highlighting disharmony
You do not promote love by highlighting hate
You do not promote what we have in common by highlighting our differences
You do not promote human rights by highlighting human wrongs.


Celebrated the lives of 1 in 5 Kiwis who live with disability
Disability Pride week saw the Commission celebrate the lives of 1 in 5 Kiwis who live with disability, sharing their stories and encouraging others to do the same with the ‘Proud to be me’ campaign.[…]


Dame Susan Devoy went full retard on Duncan Garner?s opinion piece on immigration.

There have been numerous newsworthy stories of attacks on minorities that she has not tweeted about or written opinion pieces for the Herald about. Why was she motivated to publicly shred Garner’s reputation on the basis of his use of a?simple metaphor?when she has previously ignored and said nothing about blatant attacks on Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians in New Zealand?

Here is a by no means a comprehensive list of newsworthy incidents or attacks on minorities in New Zealand that Dame Devoy has chosen to ignore.

Susan Devoy and the Human Rights Commission ignored the 2014 Gaza protest where they said things like:

Bash the Jews, cut their heads off. cut their f***ing heads off?

Those were the fanatical words of a demented bloodthirsty nutcase as he stood in protest in front of the American embassy on Customs St, Auckland on the 27th of July.

On the video At?3:25?an organiser hurries to usher children in front of a placard saying??MAKE ISRAEL HISTORY??because it was at the front line of the protest in front of a television camera. There were many of these placards seen at the protest.

At?6:20?the demented nutcase begins his violent anti-Jewish and anti-American rant outside the American Embassy:

?Drag them out. Got a word with them. It?s called Allahu Akbar. God is great. Child killers! F***in? child killers! ?

American murderers! Murderers! Burn the flag! Burn the American flag! Bash you Jewish! Cut their heads off. Cut their f$^%in? heads off!

Susan Devoy had nothing to say about an?ISIS flag being worn on Queen St

Susan Devoy had nothing to say about a?Hezbollah terrorist flag being worn on Queen St

Susan Devoy had nothing to say about the Holocaust denial books in the Auckland library

Susan Devoy had nothing to say about the Swastikas held by protesters on Queen St

?Susan Devoy had nothing to say about the? Man yelling ?bash the Jews, cut their F*n heads off? on Customs St

Susan Devoy had nothing to say about the?Glorification of Nazis on TVNZ Sunday

Susan Devoy had nothing to say about the? Religious Diversity Centre, not being ?inclusive??by not including?Hindus or Buddhists

Susan Devoy had nothing to say about most Islamic Terror attacks (except some selected ones where the HRC held hands with FIANZ )

In addition to having no interest in bringing those incidents of anti-Semitism and hate speech to the public?s attention Dame Devoy?s Human Rights Commission had no problem attacking?Christian culture?in New Zealand by?supporting the removal of the word Christmas?in order to be more ? inclusive.?

Devoy also presented a speech to the UN where she sought to?strengthen New Zealand?s existing?blasphemy laws?in order to protect?Muslim culture.