Obama has been busted hugging Hezbollah in order to curry favour with Iran

Obama has been busted hugging Hezbollah in order to curry favour with Iran:

Historians often claim that the grit and triumph of a president?s legacy emerge with time, for better or worse. Often, it isn?t until decades later that the effects actualize fully.

Hints of President Barack Obama?s legacy are slowly beginning to emerge.

Politico released?an in-depth examination Monday detailing the Obama administration?s alleged attempts to curtail Project Cassandra, a DEA campaign to expose a money-laundering scheme in which ?proceeds from Latin American drug-running were being funneled to Hezbollah.? Hezbollah is the pro-Iranian Lebanese militia, which U.S. Department of State has declared a foreign terrorist organization since 1997, that has allied with, among others, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Venezuela and North Korea.

The Obama administration ?tamped down? the investigations in order to preserve the?Iran nuclear deal, which lifted economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for the alleged suspension of the Islamic Republic?s nuclear program.

Politico spoke with Project Cassandra agents, who claim that the Obama administration stifled or undermined the agents? attempts to prosecute high-ranking Hezbollah operatives involved in cocaine trafficking and money laundering, ?allowing [the Hezbollah operatives] to remain active despite being under sealed U.S. indictment for years.?

Project Cassandra agents allege that officials at the Justice and Treasury departments repeatedly hindered Project Cassandra agents? attempts to pursue? ?investigations, prosecutions, arrests and financial sanctions? against key figures in the far-reaching scheme.

?This was a policy decision, it was a systematic decision,? David Asher,?a financier who?helped establish Project Cassandra. ?They serially ripped apart this entire effort that was very well supported and resourced, and it was done from the top down.?

Media pundits?have largely hailed the Iran nuclear deal as?one of Obama?s legacy-defining foreign policy achievements, with no mention of Hezbollah, which holds?violently anti-Israel, anti-U.S. stances.

It beggars belief that people support these terror organisations, it is especially confounding when they were supposedly leaders of the free world.


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