Oh good grief, no one cares about your stupid neopets, you muppet

Apparently for $180,000 all Chloe can conjure up in the House is banal schoolgirl prattle:

CHL?E SWARBRICK (Green): It is with great delight that I rise to speak on this third reading of the Electronic Interactions Reform Bill. I know that we spent quite a while traversing it in the committee of the whole House stage, and I very much enjoyed that very thorough process in which we, with a fine-tooth comb, went over every single clause and all of the impacts that we will see in our society as a result. There was a lot of discussion about email?

Erica Stanford: And kereru.? ?

CHL?E SWARBRICK: ?and the mighty kereru, which, I note, Erica Stanford, should have been the winner of our Forest & Bird Bird of the Year competition for 2017. But we’ll be back. We’ll be back in 2018. We will win and we will rebuild?we will survive. So all of that talk of emails, and all of the different emails that people have accumulated over their lives, had me thinking about all of the different forms of technology that I’ve used growing up as a digital native, as they call those of my generation?the likes of?

Simeon Brown: I’m a digital native.

CHL?E SWARBRICK: Yes, that’s you, Simeon Brown. It had me wondering about all of my Neopets and whether they had passed on, and whether I should be checking in on them?you know, such it is that technology moves along, and sometimes we not along with it.

Good grief the woman is inane. Neopets FFS!

I can’t believe this woman is touted as the future of the Greens.


-Parliament, Hansard