An Open Letter to Lorde by one of my readers

Originally published in Backchat yesterday:


Subject: An open Letter to Lorde

Dear Lorde,

I don?t know you personally, but as a kiwi I have a natural admiration for a fellow New Zealander who has used her natural talent and energy to excel on the World Stage in your chosen career.

Punching above your weight appears to be a characteristic which comes out in kiwis who have the drive to excel in what they love and for that I applaud you.

I am troubled about your recent decision to cancel your concert in Tel Aviv.??

I know that you do not have an aversion to Israel or the Jewish people or otherwise you would never have agreed to hold a concert there in the first place.

The only reason that I can see why you have cancelled your concert is because of the cyber discussion generated by social media commentators.

I urge you to change your mind and provide the following story as an illustration of why.

I type this letter on December 25; the day that much of the Christian World celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ; arguably the Man who has had the most positive influence on the life of humanity of any man or woman in history bar none.

As I reflect on the life of Jesus I consider the following points.

When He started his public ministry he quickly generated a large public following. (Fans?)

Crowds would follow Him everywhere and you could say that He was quickly becoming the ?pop star? of his day.

He was having such an effect that the authorities were concerned that the crowds would try and make him their king.

But even in His popularity Jesus knew one thing about the crowd, they are fickle, they are frivolous, and they only care about entertainment.

He even went to the extent of calling the crowd evil as all they were after was a sign, a miracle, something to enthral and entertain them. (Something new on their Facebook feed?)

He also knew that this same crowd would be the same group of people who would eventually cry out, ?Away with this Man, crucify Him.?

Jesus never strayed from what He knew was right and wrong. He stayed true to the principles of His life and His ministry even to the point of death regardless of whether he was popular or not.

And as a result, His life and His ministry have affected multitudes and millions for two millennia.

Now I challenge you to think of yourself, why do you sing? Are you a singer only as you are hungry for money and popularity, are you the latest flash in the pan?

Hundreds have gone before you and many will go after you. Their names are fleeting and forgotten.

Or are you a person of principle? Do you really hold true to what you believe in?

I urge you to reconsider your recent cancellation decision for the following reasons:

  1. Do not be swayed by a fickle and focal social media mob. How few of these clamorous voices actually listen to your music or go to your concerts yet you let your career be swayed by them?
  2. Like what happened with Jesus, the same crowd that clamour for your attention and cheer when you heed their voice will just as easily turn against you and curse you to the dirt ? they cannot be trusted.
  3. If you want a legacy, consider what a concert in Tel Aviv could mean. Perhaps you could use the power of music to unite a bitter and divided region of the world.?Perhaps as part of your show and choreography you could send a message of love to both Jew and Arab, Israeli and Palestinian, that may reach hearts in a way that bullets and arguments never could.
  4. Perhaps this might be the beginning of a legacy whereby a young woman from the far-flung corners of the earth dared to bring a message of peace and hope to a despairing and cynical world.

I consider the role of Mary, chosen of God to bear the promised Saviour. Never underestimate the legacy that history could assign you if you have the courage to defy the mob.

Anyway, in the unlikely event you read this letter I wish you every good fortune in your career and hope that you might reconsider your decision.

Christmas Blessings,