An open letter to someone totally confused about love

Parable of the Good Samaritan – Illustration

Guest Post:

To the writer, who shall remain nameless, who wrote an open letter about love in the NZ Herald Canvas magazine yesterday.? You write “we” have “prioritised border protection over human suffering” and “progress over environmental protection” in the last year.

I’m pretty sure the royal “we” means Donald Trump and his border protection laws, which you clearly disagree with.? ?You assume “we” are all fighters against global warming.? ?I have to assure you many of us are not convinced that the many fads on global warming, like cows farting, are accurate.

You cite an elderly woman remonstrating in the street with a young homeless woman.? You say you felt like “grabbing” the elderly woman to “spit into her well-fed face”.? Full marks for honesty and compassion for the homeless but no marks for understanding love.? Love is patient, kind and long-suffering.

You are, in fact, totally confused about love.? Love is not a feeling.? Love is an action, always.

Love is not giving your small change to a homeless person.? ?You might like the warm fuzzy feeling it gives you, but real love is getting that person off the street.

I wonder, did you give your measly handful of coins to help or just to make yourself feel less guilty?

And did you consider that by supporting them living on the street that you are keeping them right there?

Real love is protecting our loved ones from terrorists who masquerade as refugees.? Yes, genuine refugees will miss opportunities.? This is the consequence of a decision made for the greater good.

Real love requires painful choices.

Real love is wanting the best for the other person no matter who or what they are.

But not at any cost.

Because real love always costs.? A lot more than a handful of small change.

Because it’s Christmas let’s remember that Christmas is really about love.

It is about knowing Christ died for us all, whatever our skin colour, sexual orientation, religion, political persuasion, possessions or status in life.
It’s not about how well behaved or badly behaved we might be because this stuff matters more to us than it does to God.

Real love was God sending His beloved only son into our world.? This son, Jesus was born on the day we remember as Christmas.

God didn’t look down on us destroying our own and others lives as he quietly strummed his guitar and crooned about love, thinking lovely thoughts and hoping everything would work out for the best.

No, God instigated the cruel death of His beloved son so that we could be reconciled to Him and equipped to share His love.

The gift of Jesus to the world was the real and costly action of love.