Oral Questions – 6 December 2017

Credit: Woolf Photography via parliament.nz

Questions to Ministers

  1. Rt Hon BILL ENGLISH?to the?Prime Minister:?Does she stand by her statement in the House yesterday in relation to her Government?s ?ready for work? scheme that ?sanctions have long been a part of our welfare system, and that won?t change??
  2. Hon PAULA BENNETT?to the?Minister for Child Poverty Reduction:?How many children will her Government move out of poverty by 1 July 2019?
  3. JAN LOGIE?to the?Minister for Women:?What recent reports has she received on women in leadership and the impact it is having on the New Zealand economy?

  4. Hon STEVEN JOYCE?to the?Minister of Finance:?Is it his intention that from 1 April 2018 an individual on the average wage with no children will pay $1,060 more in personal income tax than they would do from that date under the law as it currently stands?
  5. WILLOW-JEAN PRIME?to the?Minister of Finance:?What factors has he taken into account in developing the priorities within the Budget Policy Statement?
  6. Hon JUDITH COLLINS?to the?Minister of Transport:?Which specific and identifiable roading projects are a priority for the Government?
  7. Hon Dr JONATHAN COLEMAN?to the?Minister of Health:?What measurable outcomes, if any, will his policies deliver?
  8. ANGIE WARREN-CLARK?to the?Minister of Education:?How will the Government?s fees-free policy benefit workers and employers?
  9. Hon NIKKI KAYE?to the?Associate Minister of Education (M?ori Education):?What plans does he have to strengthen the capability of the education system to respond to the identity, language, and culture of children and young people to raise educational achievement, and how does he plan to lead work to grow the quality and quantity of Te Reo M?ori in the education system?
  10. KIRITAPU ALLAN?to the?Minister of Health:?What plans does the Government have to improve access to primary care?
  11. Hon PAUL GOLDSMITH?to the?Minister of Employment:?Does he stand by all his statements on fixing unemployment?
  12. BRETT HUDSON?to the?Associate Minister of State Services (Open Government):?Does she stand by her statements about open and transparent Government?