All parties have turned to wowserism

Wowserism is making a come back, this time the finger wagging is over yesterday’s Crate Day.

Those on both sides of the political?divide have condemned the beer drinking event Crate Day as outdated and harmful.

Health Minister David Clark says events that promote binge-drinking behaviour are “concerning”.

While National health spokesman Jonathan Coleman says events that promote binge-drinking, like Crate Day, are part of a past New Zealand should be leaving behind.

That’s two wowsers we shouldn’t have to listen to.

On Saturday, thousands of mostly young Kiwis from across the country are expected to participate in National Crate Day.

Promoted by The Rock FM,?Crate Day involves consuming a “swappa crate” ? 12 large (745 millilitre) bottles of beer ? to celebrate the beginning of summer.

It claims Crate Day was started by The Rock’s?Duncan Heyde, and is “all about celebrating the first Saturday of summer in true kiwi style: by whacking some meat on the barbie, cranking up the tunes on the radio, playing some highly competitive backyard cricket, exchanging average-to-mediocre banter and, of course, sharing a crate with your mates”.

And while some people do share their crate, historically, the point of the day was to finish all 12 crate bottles alone. A tradition many hold to.

The station also sells official merchandise, which is black with a silver fern.

And the wowsers want to stop it because of a few dopey drunks who overdo it.

Coleman said Crate Day was a “throwback” to another time and?was an out-of-date event that promoted binge-drinking culture.

“I think Crate Day is something,?in?modern?New Zealand, we can do without,” he said.

“Excess alcohol consumption contributes significantly to health problems,?both?in?the short and long-term in New Zealand, as well as domestic violence.

“And I think the message sent out by a Crate Day? is really not in-step with the times and what we known now about the abuse of alcohol.”

Wowserism is a throwback too. Coleman always was a goody-two-shoes at Grammar.

Coleman said alcohol consumption was the top cause for increased pressure on emergency departments, and on Saturday, there could be people across the country presenting to EDs with injuries or conditions caused, or made worse, by excess drinking as a direct result of the promotion.

Dealing with drunk people also made the jobs of doctors and nurses harder.

How about testing the pissed ones who turn up at A&E and if their blood alcohol level exceed that for drink driving they get treated last.

“But the very idea of a Crate Day is inciting people to drink large quantities of alcohol, purely for the sake of it, and trying to make out it’s some kind of macho thing to do, when actually, it’s not.”

Coleman said as well as New Zealand’s issues with domestic violence, we also had a high road toll, which was affected by drink driving.

“All I can see coming out of a Crate Day is problems…

“I think the Government should be taking some strong leadership on this as well. You can’t be afraid to get some criticism for speaking out against Crate Day. I think people want responsible leadership.”

No Coleman, the government should be doing nothing. What did you do regarding Crate Day when you were a minister…oh that’s right nothing. A Google search shows that he has never mentioned Crate Day in all the years he was a government minister…not once. Which is as it should be.

Wowsers should piss off. Since Coleman is talking throwbacks he’d probably want to ban ads like this too…enjoy: