Perhaps you should still do that, love

Jacinda Ardern has said that if you are ever asked to be Andrew Little’s deputy you should run for the hills.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has paid humorous tribute to Andrew Little, telling MPs if you’re ever his deputy “run for the hills”.

Tipping her hat to the man she replaced in the run-up to the general election, Ardern said Little was “one of a kind”, as Parliament finished up for the year today.

Chest-beating, political insults, and accusations of neglect from all parties coloured Parliament’s adjournment debate this evening.

Ardern went through what she had learned over the year ? starting with not to plumb her own toilet. She referred to National’s finance spokesman Steven Joyce’s claims of a “hole” in Labour’s books during the campaign.

“I learnt an election can be a good, clean contest of ideas ? with the exception of a few holes.

“I learnt that if you’re ever a deputy to Andrew Little, prepare for the unexpected, and possibly run for the hills. And if you’re a deputy to someone like Andrew Little, you will get the opportunity to see what an extraordinary man and politician he is. One of a kind.”

She then listed what the Government had done in the 56 days since winning the Government benches, while also poking fun at herself and her “annoying dose of relentless positivity”.

She ran through paid parental leave, the healthy homes bill, the families package, and the fees-free tertiary education policy, adding that it would have been a great policy for her when she used to work in a supermarket.

She finished by wishing her team a “restful” break because “there’s a lot more to come in the New Year”.

There are a few ex-Labour MPs who aren’t as enamoured with Andrew Little who are very, very vocal at the moment. He did do one good thing for Labour though, and that was resign.

I wonder though if Jacinda Ardern will last. She doesn’t look happy, her “relentless postividdy” has subsided and she now snarls worse that Helen Clark ever did.

Her ministers are inept, her plans and policies are still little more than bumper sticker slogans. Ministers like Twyford, Robertson, Lees-Galloway and Hipkins are exuding third term arrogance and will be caught out with it soon enough.

Other ministers are so out of their depth they may need life jackets, like Clare Curran and Kelvin Davis. Fortunately for National those two are so stupid they don’t realise how dumb they are. Others like Stu Nash will learn fast from their mistakes.


-NZ Herald