Photo of the day

William Patino was 25, married to a wonderful woman, with a good house and a nice job. From the outside, it looked like her had everything, but inside, he felt empty.

He sought help, and a doctor diagnosed him with depression. ?Life had lost its color and light,? he said. ?Nothing no longer appealed to me. I was in a dark, scary place and didn?t even really know why.?

He and his wife had planned a trip to Europe, and the almost cancelled, but William managed to leave home.He took a camera with him, a new DSLR.

He soon found that he loved the challenge of composing photos and trying to be creative with his shots.

Once he got home he downloaded Instagram, and photography started entering his everyday life.

?I pulled the camera back out of the cupboard and started to take photos of my dog and every day things around the house, ? he says. ?Eventually I made my way down to the beach to watch the sunrise. My life hasn?t been the same since.?

[…]? his new passion helped him see the beauty in the world that he otherwise wouldn?t have noticed.

?Depression had stripped my life of its color but looking through a lens was slowly painting it all back.?