Picking the New Zealander of the year just got easier

The New Zealand Herald is running a New Zealander of the year competition but you can only choose from the list of people that they have selected which dashes my hopes of fame and fortune ( sniff).

But on a serious note, if you want to make an informed decision before you vote there is a very long list of stuff to read through. Today, however, is your lucky day as I have summarised concisely for you the key selling point of each nomination.

New Zealander of the Year: People’s Choice Award nominees:

Bronia Tindall and Fabrizio Clementi tied the knot in Auckland in January. Photo / Ben Franks/Steve May/one2one Photography

1. Bronia Tindal and Fabrizio Clementi

They gave a slice of their Wedding cake to a homeless man.

Volunteer Nathan Spitzer Photo-NZ Herald

2.Nathan Spitzer

He jumped into the Waikato River to rescue an 8-year-old girl.?

Dr Lance O’Sullivan Photo / George Novak

3.Lance O’Sullivan

He stormed the stage at a local screening of an anti-vaccination documentary because he strongly disagreed with its content.

Marnie Prickett Photo / NZ Herald

4.Marnie Prickett

A?former staffer at Auckland Council programme Wai Care,?she and fellow advocates launched a charitable trust that became Choose Clean Water.

5.Sarah Thomson

Hamilton law student Sarah Thomson Photo / Peter Drury

She attempted to become the first person to take the Government to the High Court by alleging that the Government had failed to review its climate targets and reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions sufficiently. She lost.

Andrew Little

Andrew Little

As the Minister of Justice, he signed off on an inflation adjustment for Teina Pora’s compensation.

Andrew Nicholson Photo / Stephen Bartholomew / Libby Law Photography

7.Andrew Nicholson

He and his horse won the prestigious Badminton Horse Trials in May.

Helicopter pilot Steve Askin Photo / Givealittle

8.Steve Askin

He died fighting the Port Hills fires after putting himself in harm’s way for others in February. He?was a decorated ex-SAS soldier and helicopter pilot.

Detective Sarah Cato Photo / Michael Craig

9. Sarah Cato

A mother of one she is battling terminal cancer but that hasn’t stopped her battling major crimes or raising money for other cancer sufferers.

10.The people of Kaikoura and Waiui?

A road damaged by the Kaikoura earthquake. Photo / NZ Herald

The people of quake-hit Waiau and Kaikoura rallied together and started picking up the pieces. They cooked for each other, offered up spare rooms, helped shore up chimneys.[…] The tourism lifeline was cut-off by damaged roads and then began the insurance and EQC processes.

Many locals would say the last 12 months have been the toughest of their lives.

And the only way they’ve got through it, is by standing together as a community. Looking after each other.

-NZ Herald

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