Pinocchio Phil fails to keep his promise

Credit: Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance

Phil Goff’s proposed 10-Year Budget sees the average Auckland rates bill rise by 6.2% next year thanks to new targeted rates. So much for 2.5!

Ouch, it is one of those times when I don’t mind so much being a tenant rather than a homeowner. What a nasty Christmas present Phil?Goff has given Auckland ratepayers.

To add insult to injury Auckland ratepayers were not given the opportunity to have their say on the budget this year.

Credit: Auckland Ratepayers Alliance

Every other year ratepayers have had the opportunity to present to Auckland Councillors on the proposed annual budget. But, these Councillors just voted to BLOCK you from having your say.[…]

-Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance FB page

[…] Mangere Budgeting Services Trust chief executive Darryl Evans?said rate increases can mean drastic measures for?”many homeowners?we support”.

“We are seeing many taking in boarders or renting out garages and sleepouts as a way of increasing income as a way of surviving.

“I know of at least two families who sold their homes as they felt better off being a renter, several have sold to relocate to other parts of the country so as to downsize mortgages and have lower rates.”

Renters are also likely to be hit by the sharp valuation rises if they cause rates to rise. Rate increases are usually?passed on to renters, Evans said.

[…] Age Concern Auckland chief executive Kevin Lamb says people on low incomes can apply for a rates rebate.

“Food?insecurity is a major issue for a large number of our clients across Mangere, Otara and South Auckland and north Waikato,” Evans said.

[…] The property in?Abbotts Way has a 2014 CV of $1.3 million and Snowden pays about $4000 a year in rates – or $80 a week.

“For a pensioner, after you pay the electricity bill and the phone bill?et cetera, that is quite a lot of money,” she said.

[…] Being a property manager for more than 25 years, Snowden said she saw?a lot of elderly people forced out of their homes because they could no longer afford the rates.

Funny isn’t it how a Labour Mayor makes things worse not better for the most vulnerable. There were high rates under Labour Mayor Len Brown and that has continued with Phil Goff.

[…] Age Concern Auckland chief executive Kevin Lamb said a rates rise could be extremely detrimental to?those on low-level fixed incomes.

Elderly people who survived on nothing but their superannuation payments would?inevitably struggle to cover the cost of any rates increase, he said.

Auckland Council’s head of rates, Debbie Acott, said an increase in property value?did not necessarily mean a corresponding increase in rates.

[…] “We expected to see an increase in valuations since the last revaluation in 2014, so movements in the 40 per cent to 50 per cent bracket really aren’t a surprise,” she said.[…]