The PM cares about the needy and deprived but…

Happy school children whose school is not under threat of closure by the Ardern led Labour government because it is a teacher union-backed state school

Our PM has made a big deal about her passion for children in poverddy


if they attend a Partnership school and benefit from free uniforms, free stationery?and free breakfasts she is going to close it.

West Auckland Middle School

Our PM says that she cares passionately about a quality education to help?priority learners?such as Decile 1-3 pupils


even though according to their contracts Partnership schools have to have at least 75% priority learners she is going to close all their schools.

Students from Vanguard Military School.
PHOTO- Vanguard facebook page

Our PM claims to care passionately about minorities and their needs


She is going to close Partnership schools that are doing such a great job catering to Maori and Pasifika students that they have long waiting lists.

Photo-Facebook South Auckland Middle School

Our PM claims to care passionately about beneficiaries and the working class


she is going to close the Partnership schools that are full of their children despite passionate letters from their parents begging her and Chris Hipkins to keep them open because of the wonderful things they have done for their children.

Display wall at South Auckland Middle School.

Partnership Schools were established to serve New Zealand?s priority learners who often come from deprived families. These are students that mainstream education has failed, and Jacinda Ardern and Chris Hipkins are now telling priority learners and deprived families that they are going to close the schools that are leading them to success.

Our PM claims to be?intent on addressing social and economic deprivation yet she is determined to force these students and their families back to mainstream education which is the education system that failed them in the first place.

Jacinda Ardern only passionately cares about deprived children in poverddy when they are in a union controlled environment. Her message to Partnership schools this Christmas is a very simple one.

Credit: Luke