Predicting with Accuracy

Guest Post

The Christian Bible cops a fair bit of criticism.? One thing it has got right is its description of Arabs and, ipso facto, Muslims.? They are described as being ?wild asses?.? It made the prediction a few thousand years ago in the book of Genesis, so it?s worth looking at what it said.

Both Christians and Muslims claim Abraham as their ?father?.? In other words they trace their lineage back to the guy they call the Patriarch.? Abraham was promised a bunch of kids by God among other things.? It was a surprising promise because Mrs Abraham was getting pretty old, well past child bearing age.? Rather than disappoint Abe she sent him into her servant girl?s tent.? It wasn?t such an unusual idea back then apparently.? Having an heir was considered pretty important.? The servant girl, Hagar was most likely pretty and bewitching as she was a gift to Abraham by Pharaoh when he was down in Egypt and the Pharaoh?s had only the best at hand for gifting.? ?

The servant girl, according to the record, had a son called Ishmael.? When she was pregnant she was told, ?You are now with child and you will have a son. You shall name him Ishmael, for the LORD has heard of your misery.?He will be a wild donkey of a man;?his hand will be against everyone?and everyone?s hand against him,?and he will live in hostility?toward?all his brothers.?? That is some prediction ? enough to make you want to terminate.

The asses of the desert were strong, stubborn, considered inferior to other animals, even the camel and capable of a very damaging bite and a powerful kick.

Meanwhile Abe?s wife wasn?t going to be outdone so she eventually delivered a boy ? Isaac, a half brother to Ishmael, born a dozen years or later.? Christians trace the ancestry of Jesus back to Isaac who is described as ?the child of promise?.? Despite Ishmael being the firstborn Yahweh bestowed the divine blessing on Isaac not Ishmael. When Mohammed arrived on the scene a couple of thousand years later he claimed direct lineage back to Ishmael.? Much was made, and still is by Muslims, that Ishmael was the firstborn and therefore of greater status than Isaac.? The man the Bible refers to as a ?wild donkey of a man? is seen as their progenitor.? They even copied stories from the Biblical record about Isaac and falsely attribute them to Ishmael. The Bible records enmity between the two mothers and their sons.

Devout Muslims still honour Ishmael in an annual feast.? They nurse the grievance that has existed over the millennia. Two half brothers set a feud in place that has been perpetuated seemingly without end.? Some poet called Asaph wrote this around 1,000BC:? ?God, your enemies are astir…with cunning they conspire against your people; they plot against those you cherish.? ?Come?, they say, ?let us destroy them as a nation that the name of Israel be remembered no more??.? He went on and identified the ?enemies? as the Arab nations around Israel.

Paul, the writer of a number of the New Testament books some two thousand years after Abraham, takes up the issue of the hostility between Abraham?s two wives and their sons when he sent a letter to people in Galatia.

And so it continues today.? Islam, a religion birthed in grievance and martyrdom.? Powerful forces.

The prediction is notable for describing a people who have retained the characteristics of wild donkeys over the thousands of years.? Born in ?misery?, a ?hand against everyone? ? think Mohammed and his followers? rampages, think the spread of the Ottoman Empire, the cruel destruction of the Armenians.? ?Live in hostility? ? think the insane warmongering and hatred of Israel but, even, among themselves; Sunnai versus Shi?ite, Shia against Sufi, centuries of butchering and slaughter.? They fit the ?wild donkey? tab to a tee.

The Bible prediction made to Hagar had another element.? It was said to Hagar, ?your descendents will increase, they shall be too numerous to count?.? In the Hebrew language it meant great in numbers but also ?difficult to count or keep track of?.

Despite politicians and media outlets routinely suppressing Islamic growth rates here are some staggering demographic facts:

  • In England today Muslim women are having 3.5 times the number of children of non-Muslims.
  • 90% of all population growth since 1990 in Europe has been Islamics
  • In France 30% of the kids under 20 years are Islamic
  • Inside 40 years Germany will be controlled by Muslims
  • Inside 15 years half of the Netherland?s population will be Muslims
  • Half the Russian army will be Muslim within 17 years
  • In 1970 there were 100,000 Muslim in the USA now there are nearly 10 million.
  • In 2014 the most popular baby name in the UK was Mohammed. Oliver was second.
  • Afghan mums have over 5 babies on average. More immigrants coming.

Not everyone wants to accept the stories and the prophecies of the Bible but I put it to you it got this one absolutely spot on.


-Name withheld by request