Is being a pretty young woman a protection in politics?

PM Jacinda Ardern

I am starting to wonder if being a pretty young woman in politics makes it harder for male politicians to attack you.

Bill English appeared to take it easy on Jacinda Ardern in the election debates. I think he could have been much more aggressive as there was blood in the water. She was an easy target and he never seemed to go in for the kill. He seemed to feel that it was not gentlemanly and it would look bad for him to be “rough” verbally with her in order to drive home how lightweight her knowledge and understanding of the issues was. He didn’t mock her bumper sticker slogans or her repeated phrases like “tax working group”, “need to have a conversation” etc.

Green list MP Golriz Ghahraman

Green list MP Golly G has been begging for some hard political hits now that her lies have been?exposed yet where are all the attacks on her from male politicians or indeed ANY politicians? The MSM is now getting stuck in boots and all but where is the condemnation from the opposition?

Is she too pretty to hold to account? Are people afraid of hurting her feelings or offending her?