The problem of global warming deserves better than lies from the Minister

James Shaw is still stuck in opposition mode where you can say and do pretty much whatever you want.

But now he is a minister he needs to not lie or make shit up.

He is being called out for his deceit.

?The problem of global warming deserves better than lies from Climate Change Minister.? Said Robin Grieve Chairman of Pastural Farming Climate Research Inc

?James Shaw is forgetting he is a Minister in a government, and not some crusader who can lie for his cause. Shaw?s press statement in which he highlights the plight of a family caught up in the storms this year, for which he blames climate change, is exploiting the misfortune of good people for his own cause. It is also scaremongering and irresponsible.

?Prime Minister Jacinda Adern must realise that a government cannot just make stuff up and scaremonger like this. There must be some regard for the truth by her and her Ministers, and on this occasion there is none.

The latest Ministry for the Environment report New Zealand?s Environmental Reporting Series: Our atmosphere and climate 2017 reported on data collected all over New Zealand between 1960 and 2016 which showed a significant decrease in extreme wind events and a small decrease in extreme flooding events over that period.

?The statistics and data do not back up the desperate claims that we are experiencing more extreme weather events. We are experiencing less in fact, despite 1 degree of warming.

?Claims also that the one degree of warming has been caused by increasing greenhouse gas emissions are also complete lies with the IPCC itself attributing only around 0.2 degrees of that increase to greenhouse gas emissions.

?The Government is off to a poor start if it has to exploit people, lie and scaremonger on an issue that deserves some integrity.

The problem is that in climate debates, there has been no integrity from Al Gore on down. Not a single prediction or data model presented along with doomsday scenarios has ever remotely resembled real life.

If climate science was a major multi-national corporate the heads of the organisation would have been indicted on multiple fraud charges in multiple jurisdictions by now.

But because they are scientists they claim they are untouchable.

James Shaw can be held to account now. He is a minister and under the OIA can be compelled to disclose the evidence he used to make those statements.


-Pastural Farming Climate Research Inc