Would the real Golriz Ghahraman please stand up


It is apparent as the nose on your face that Golriz Ghahraman has seriously embellished her career.

What is hard to find out is just precisely what she did. We certainly know that, despite her numerous claims, that she was never a prosecuting lawyer in Rwanda or The Hague. Who knows what she really did in Cambodia.

However, I think we can get a real inkling about her true background and work history from her own LinkedIn profile, which seems to have remained unedited for some time.

That seems rather a lot lighter than her grandiose claims of being a crusading human rights lawyer.

Her prior work is also rather lighter than she has claimed.

Overseeing investigations remotely and conducting field research in person doesn’t really sound terribly like “prosecuting heads of state” now does it?

I actually think this CV from her LinkedIn profile is probably accurate, but it isn’t the CV of a crusading human rights lawyer woking assiduously on behalf of victims of genocide and war criminals.

It rather resembles the CV of a run-of-the-mill car-boot defence lawyer in Auckland.

This appears to be one item that has not been sanitised or made to match her public statements. It certainly doesn’t support her contention she was a crusading human rights lawyer cutting a swathe through “heads of state” and “war criminals”.

It also doesn’t support James Shaw’s version of what his star candidate was capable of.

I think we are now looking at a clear cut case of CV embellishment, the sort of embellishment that would get you prosecuted for fraud in a commercial or private environment.

Why I suggest that this CV is the most accurate is that it supports her job as a barrister representing assorted criminals in Auckland as no better than your standard car-boot lawyer operating with scumbags in Auckland. Certainly the judgement lists that I have been able to obtain doesn’t support any other contention. She certainly isn’t, based on her case load, anything remotely approaching a vaunted and respected human rights lawyer.

What it appears we are dealing with here is a shabby, dirty little case of CV embellishment in order to further her political career. The sad part of all of this is her story, such as it is was probably good enough to be a Green MP in the first place. The fact she has roped in James Shaw as well is even sadder.

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Golriz Gharhaman LinkedIn Profile by Cam Slater on Scribd