It is a real worry when politicians use their sex appeal to gain power




But wait there’s more, you can also buy a Justin Trudeau doll because nothing says serious political leader like one you can strip naked and put into compromising positions with Barbie!



If all you want for Christmas is Canadian Prime Minister?Justin Trudeau, you?re in luck.

After the Internet collectively decided that the politician would be among its 2017 crushes, a JT-loving genius created the ultimate in fan gifts: the?Justin Trudeau, My Canadian Boyfriend 2018 Wall Calendar.

The calendar brings lovelorn fans a Justin Trudeau for all seasons, including shirtless Justin, cowboy Justin, jogging Justin, and animal-loving Justin.

Unsurprisingly, the product is a hit, both virally and commercially?Twitter users are losing their minds over it, and (for what it?s worth), the cal is currently the No. 1 bestseller in Amazon?s ?Canadian History? category […]

above ca. 1953. John F. Kennedy first met Jacqueline Lee Bouvier at a dinner party in 1951 and later in Washington, D.C., when she was working as a photographer for the Washington Times-Herald newspaper. Their courtship continued though 1953, some of it captured by the press and popular magazines of the day, such as Life magazine?s story of July 20, 1953, featuring an engaging cover photo of the young couple on a sailboat cutting through the Atlantic Ocean surf off Cape Cod with the headline: ?Senator Kennedy Goes A-Courting.? Photo, booth picture

JFK was the only politician?that I can think of from the past who traded on his boyish good looks to win votes. Nowadays we are seeing a disturbing trend of more politicians and leaders using their relative youth and sex appeal to gain power.

How long will it be before a Jacinda Ardern doll and calendar are put on the market? It certainly wasn’t Labour’s policies that got the voters all hot and bothered because they were the exact same ones that Andrew Little had been attempting to sell.

Credit: Luke