Rodney Hide: Trump vs Jacinda

Will Artificial Intelligence predict a Trump win correctly?

Rodney Hide compares Donald Trump and Jacinda Ardern at the NBR:

The media onslaught on President Trump is hard and unrelenting. Amazingly, he seems untroubled and, indeed, appears to go out of his way to provoke the beast.

Politics has never seen anything like him.

And beyond the smoke and noise of politics, his policy achievements are even more remarkable.??

He?s rubbished the man-is-cooking-the-planet nonsense. No political leader has done that. He unilaterally pulled out of the Paris Accord, saving the US astronomical sums and thus ensuring it powers ahead. He also set in motion, let?s hope, the unravelling of climate-change policy that?s causing such waste and misery worldwide.

This week the Senate passed a tax reform bill that, among other things, drops the company rate to 20c in the dollar from 35c. That?s a massive cut that will spur investment, innovation, job and wage growth and a stronger economy [the legislation is still in progress through Congress as the Senate and House attempt to reconcile their two different bills – Editor].

It took President Reagan several years to reduce the Federal Register by a third. President Trump has already done that. He?s a phenomenon.

It?s not just in the economic realm. He?s reduced illegal immigration by 70% and got conservative judge Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

President Trump exudes the brashness Americans are excoriated the world over for and a wonderful can-do-ism. These characteristics irritate sophisticated people but are handy traits when there?s tough work to be done.

With his policies and outlook, there should be no surprise that jobs are up, unemployment down and consumer confidence riding high. Economic growth dribbled along at a miserable 1.6% under President Obama. President Trump?s had three quarters at 3% plus.

He?s succeeding economically and politically.

He knocked Senator Elizabeth Warren out of contention for the presidency with his perfectly timed Pocahontas jab. That was the political equivalent of Muhammad Ali?s crushing right that dropped George Foreman to the canvas with an incredible economy that no follow-up was necessary.

No one else can do that.

President Trump’s endlessly outraged foes have no answer other than to take their outrage to another pitch. Their incessant whine is now background noise.

He has achieved something else too: He hasn’t been bullied and cowered into silence and fake apologies. The usual response with an upset media is to apologise. President Trump doesn’t.

That is quite a list of achievements, but you’d be hard pressed to find those in mainstream media. Now…what about Jacinda Ardern?

Back here in New Zealand the media love-fest with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern continues apace. She is the antithesis of President Trump. She smiles, upsets no one and speaks voluminously, often-times without clear meaning.Taxes are up, regulation has increased, fighting climate change is her mission and child poverty is to be eliminated, not through economics but by prime ministerial caring.

There?s no doubt New Zealand enjoys a far nicer leader but I prefer President Trump: knocking climate change policy on the head, cutting taxes and slashing red tape are what matter in the working world and the working world is what delivers results.

I’m with Rodney on that. Endless positividdy won’t solve all the crises that Labour invented while in opposition.

As the old saying goes, you have to break eggs to make an omelette.