Siding with despots, dictators and assorted other scumbags

The legacy of Murray McCully, Bill English and now Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters is we have developed a reputation of siding with despots, dictators and assorted other scumbags.

The Israel Institute of NZ reports:

New Zealand has further entrenched UN discrimination against the only Jewish state by voting with the mob, against sovereign nations being allowed to declare their own capitals.

There are 193 member states of the United Nations. Of these, 125 ? the?Non-aligned movement, which includes the 57 member states of the?Organisation of Islamic Cooperation?? are inherently anti-Israel and anti-democratic. It is little wonder that there are disproportionately more resolutions passed against Israel than any other country (by a ratio of 20:1) when countries like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela dictate the agenda.

And New Zealand ?joined the bullies? in voting for the resolution, as Israel Institute of New Zealand director, Dr David Cumin,?told RadioNZ.

Australia and Canada, our traditional allies, abstained from voting along with 35 other nations,?including five EU nations that broke EU consensus. Nine countries voted against the resolution and a further 21 did not vote at all. The vast majority of the 128 positive votes were from the 125 Non-aligned movement countries.

Turkey and Yemen called the emergency session of the UN general assembly today. It was not to address the?8.5m people starving in Yemen?or the?lack of freedoms in Turkey. It was to bring the nations of the world together to condemn a sovereign nation ? a fellow member ? for doing what all other sovereign nations can do without criticism: name its own capital.

The decision of the United States is not a new one ? it dates back to?at least a 1995 piece of legislation that had bipartisan support?? and has been the?policy of previous presidents. Crucially, president Trump made it clear that the territories that Israel took from Jordan in the 1967 war still needed to have a negotiated solution ? his speech was rather nuanced on this point. As Dr Cumin has pointed out:

The US decision is simply acknowledging an existing fact. It?does not preclude negotiations?that might result in the capital of a future Palestinian state in East Jerusalem.?Dr David Cumin

Asked by TVNZ how the vote would affect any future peace talks, Dr Cumin said:

The only way it would derail peace talks is by once again sending a signal to the Palestinians that? they don?t need to negotiate; that they can work things out through the UN.?Dr David Cumin

And talking to Te Karere, Dr Cumin said it was disappointing that New Zealand was not standing up to the bullies at the UN who push resolutions that ?seek to deny Jews access to their most tapu sites? and to ignore the tangata whenua status of Jews in Israel.

Our government and its pandering to some of the worst human rights abusers to seek to re-write history is now embarrassing.

There isn’t a valid reason for this continued insult to Israel and the US. There is some debate over the legality of the resolution in any case.?That UN Resolution may have overreached the UNGA powers afforded under the UN charter. It makes “demands”, it actually has no power to do so. It can request, urge, affirm, reaffirm, but that’s about it.

New Zealand’s constant anti-Israel stance is nauseating.