If Simon Bridges was smart he’d support Jonesy

If Simon Bridges was smart, and that is a big if, he’d get National to support Shane Jones and his work for the dole scheme.

Comments from Jacinda Ardern along with supporters of the Coalition Government this morning show that Labour and New Zealand First are already at odds on the Work for the Dole scheme, National Party Economic Development Spokesperson Simon Bridges says.

“This happened more quickly than we thought,” Mr Bridges says. “Ms Ardern?s comments this morning are completely at odds with those of Shane Jones yesterday.

“He?s in favour of work for the dole, she wants a training programme. He wants it to be compulsory, she wants to put it in front of Cabinet, which won?t support it.

“We all know who will win. The Labour Party and the left won?t let work for the dole happen. They want to reduce work obligations, not increase them.

“This is just the latest embarrassment for Shane Jones after the billion trees target was cut in half in a couple of days.

“The question for New Zealand First is, how can they champion the regions if all their regional development policies keep getting rumbled by Labour?

“Shane Jones should stop all his bluster about work for the dole and a billion trees. It?s quite clear neither phrase actually means anything.

“It?s quite obvious that he?s already the Minister in name only. Labour is running the show.”

Instead of going for the sledge Simon Bridges should commit National to supporting Shane Jones with this scheme.

National’s vote plus NZ First’s would see it pass. Labour and the Greens would look like utter muppets as a government party enlists the opposition to pass a bill.

This is a very popular policy. National should embrace it.