“Student politics” theme continued unwittingly by Lizzie Marvelly

The National party via Judith Collins started the label of “Student Politics” for Jacinda Ardern and that theme of student politicians playing at being grown-ups was then continued by Steve Joyce.

Judith Collins has launched a stinging attack on Jacinda Ardern, saying the Prime Minister needs to understand our relationship with Australia isn?t??student politics?.


This isn?t theoretical student politics. Labour?s tax plans will have a real and significant negative effect on the lives of over a million New Zealanders.

-Steven Joyce

Lizzie Marvelly’s article has unwittingly continued the theme of the Prime Minister being a student politician.

Jacinda Ardern
Morrinsville College

Like death and taxes, life would not be complete without the yearly ritual that is school prize giving.[…]

While the winners and losers of the year may seem obvious, there are some awards that have yet to be given out. And so, without further ado? I present to you the class of 2017.

Top student in Mathematics: Steven Leonard Joyce

Steven achieved the seemingly impossible this year, seeing multi-billion dollar financial shortcomings that no other mathematician could see. Truly visionary.

[…] Top student in Communications Studies: Gareth Huw Morgan

Gareth has consistently shown a great talent for connecting with people in ways that leave an unforgettable impression. With a penchant for controversial idioms and a general distaste for tact, Gareth’s messages have been more broadly disseminated than he likely could’ve imagined.[…]

Diligence Award: Simon William English

Bill got up again. And then got knocked down again.

[…] School Service Award for the Head Girl: Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern

Jacinda has come a long way in the short space of a year. She has conquered each challenge thrown at her with grace and grit. Jacinda is the kind of student that may go on to become the Prime Minister one day.

Proxime Accessit: Andrew James Little

It may not have been Andrew’s year, but his willingness to take a step back and push others forward is admirable.

Dux: Winston Raymond Peters

The most cunning and calculating of the class, Winston has come out on top yet again.

-NZ Herald