The Successful Covert Takeover by the Patriarchy

Every month I read of yet another successful hostile takeover of a left-wing or other politically correct institution or organisation by a male. The really funny thing is that they have no idea that it is happening and that men have used their ridiculous rules of political correctness and their victimhood narrative to strike a blow for the patriarchy in order to beat them at their own game.

Transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox struck a blow for the patriarchy by smashing his female opponents eye socket

The first literal blow that was stuck for the patriarchy was in boxing where a man discovered that he could beat a female competitor to a bloody pulp and break?her eye socket and be acclaimed for his brutality. Not only did he win a sports medal he was rewarded for beating up a woman. A literal blow to women for the patriarchy!

Fallon Fox was not the only man to take advantage of the left’s victimhood narrative to give himself a huge advantage and to pit himself successfully against female competitors. New Zealand’s very own Hubbard earned himself medals competing in weightlifting competitions against women and the Left bound by their own rules of political correctness and blind support of minorities could do nothing about it even if they did secretly feel that he had an unfair advantage.

Lily Madigan, 19, won the vote in Rochester and Strood, in Kent

It is not just in sport however that the patriarchy has succeeded in striking a blow against feminism and women. One of the most exciting and effective takeovers I have read of to date has to be the one where Madigan managed to get a Labour party Women’s officer fired and then take her job! Who would have ever imagined that a white male could weasel his way into the position of Women’s officer inside the feminist Labour party so easily and destroy them from the inside out?

The patriarchy’s infiltration of feminist organisations and politically correct institutions has been so effective that even iconic feminists like Germaine Greer have been battered by the sisterhood and denied an honorary degree for holding the opinion that transgender women are in reality, biological men.

If you were in any doubt that men are winning the battle of the sexes this last example should remove all doubt. As Greer in the below video pointed out, Caitlyn Jenner being made Woman of the year is misogyny in action. It is saying that a man makes a better woman than a woman. The joke is on the sisterhood and the patriarchy is laughing their testicles off.