Susan jumps on the Bandwagon

Dame Susan Devoy

Dame Susan Devoy unleashed on Winston Peters at an event on Thursday night, calling him “obnoxious” and claiming he told her to lose weight.

Oh. My. God. The cad!

Winston Peters denies telling Dame Susan Devoy to lose weight
Dame Susan told the crowd Mr Peters once said she’s a “bit round” and told her to walk the length of New Zealand to lose a few kilograms.

Heh, it is a little bit funny.

There were “gasps from the entire audience”, Newsroom’s Tim Murphy wrote on Twitter.

Shocking, I’m sure.

Mr Peters denies having made the comments.

“I never told her to ‘lose weight’, or that she was ‘abit round’, or that she should ‘walk the length of New Zealand to lose a few kilograms,’ he wrote in a statement to Newshub.

“Dame Susan Devoy?s memory is failing her. What I did say, a long time ago, prior to her walking the length of New Zealand in 1998, was meant to be a compliment.”

Meh, you need to visit Whaleoil more often, Winston. Explaining is losing.

A corroboration of the story has since emerged from a 2011 Stuff column written by sports journalist Phil Gifford. The column places the events around thirty years ago – in the late 1980s.

In it, Gifford writes that during a prizegiving speech, Mr Peters told Dame Susan, “I have always admired enormously the fact you can win world titles while carrying so much extra weight.”

So we’re talking about something that happened in the 1980s. But come on Susan, tell us what you really want to say – say I’m a woman and I was abused by a man in power!

The problem is it’s not true and even Susan knows it’s not true. That’s why she’s only calling Winston “obnoxious” rather than an abuser. But hey, if you’re desperate to be part of a victimhood movement you take what you can get.

I don’t care if Winston called her fat. But why bring it up if it’s not to jump on the abused-by-a-man-in-power bandwagon? Sure, there a women (and men) who were abused by powerful men and have only just been given the courage to come out. But Susan, you’re not one of them, not even close.