The View From Your Window

View From Your Window-Whaleoil

Where do you think today’s photo was taken?

?The View From Your Window ? is a regular new slot that will show us the world as seen by the readers of the Whaleoil blog.

We want you to send us the view from your window wherever in the world that is with a caption to tell us where and when the photo was taken. We will reveal where the photo was taken the following day to give readers the opportunity to guess where the photo was taken in the comments.? ??

The idea is to?reveal your view (not?the location of your home so that some mad stalker type can find you.) The idea is to simply share what you are seeing at that moment in time.

This is your chance to get to know who your fellow Whaleoilers are, where they live and what they see as they look out their window each morning.

From today onwards please get out your mobile phone or digital camera and take a photo of the view from your window. It can be your bedroom window, bathroom window, car-window or your?view from where you work. Just make sure that part of the window frame is in the picture?or car door.

If you?re travelling?for work or pleasure it can be the view from where you?re staying.

Email it to?[email protected]?put ?View From My Window? in the contents line, and I will each day post a new Whaleoiler?s photo.

Please include the place and the time of day. By place, I mean town or city. If you live outside New Zealand, we would love to see your ?exotic? view.

All contributions will be anonymous and by sending it, you give Whaleoil the right to publish it.

Don?t be afraid to show us your world. It doesn?t have to be spectacular. Show it to us just as it is.

Who knows, we may even after a year or so end up with a coffee table book made up of the most interesting photos.

Can you guess where today?s photo was taken? Please speculate in the comments.

I will give you the answer for today?s photo on tomorrow?s ?View From My Window.?

Yesterday’s View From your Window photo was taken in Aoraki Mount Cook, New Zealand at 8.15 am.