If you think housebreaking or car stealing is normal – you probably shouldn’t be here

Police attempting to control a riot among immigrant gangs, which erupted in Melbourne during the Moomba festivities. Picture: Jake Nowakowski Source: News Corp Australia

Remember those annoying warnings about piracy that they used to put on DVDs? Remember how they said, “You wouldn’t steal a car”, not “You shouldn’t steal a car”? That’s because it’s taken for granted, in civilised society, that stealing is just something you shouldn’t do.

Apparently some migrants never got that memo.

MP calls for lessons in law to stop migrants falling into crime

Immigrants need to be better ?educated about Australia?s criminal laws to prevent new arrivals from war-torn countries falling into crime, the chairman of a federal parliamentary committee into migrant settlement outcomes has warned …

… ?A lot of migrants have no understanding of the law,? Mr Wood said.

?I was told by South Sudanese people that ? breaking into someone?s house and stealing a car is not a big deal.?

Well, if that’s the case, why were they even let into the country in the first place?

But, of course, we get the standard poor-fellow-me whining.

?Where they come from they?ve seen worse and experienced worse.?

?We know there are underlying issues driving these behaviours,? [Victoria Police spokeswoman Danielle Fleeton] said. ?In some cases this can stem from a sense of disengagement.?

Generations of migrants can say the same. The post-war migrant generation experienced the full gamut of horrors of WWII. The “reffos” of the 50s, 60s and 70s took a lot of knocks, and had to make big adjustments, in their new home. They didn’t use that as an excuse for crime rampages.

Mr Wood said evidence heard by his committee showed there was an issue in Victoria with South Sudanese crime. Of aggravated burglaries committed by a youth aged 10-18, there was a one-in-seven chance the offender was South Sudanese.

He was told some offenders were ?so far gone? they had no chance at rehabilitation …

We know where the door is, then. You wouldn’t very long tolerate a guest in your house who kept stealing the silver and smashing the windows. These people have been invited to our country, at our taxpayers’ expense.

And then, of course, there’s the usual spin from authorities:

Victoria Police spokeswoman Danielle Fleeton said the majority of offenders arrested were Australian-born with a small percentage of Africa-born residents committing crimes.

Damned lies and statistics, as the saying goes. The same article makes very clear that:

when compared with 2016 census population data, people born in Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia and Kenya were proportionally more likely to have been arrested. Sudanese and South Sudanese people were 6.135 times more likely to have been arrested last year than offenders born in Australia or 4.8 times more likely than those born in New Zealand.

A nation-state’s primary obligation is the security of its citizens. Importing millions of people who apparently cannot grasp such simple civilisational concepts as that stealing and violence are wrong, that a woman on her own in public is not fair game for any and all men, and that rape is not acceptable, does nothing to protect the security of the host nation.

The virtue-signalling of the head-tilting, “compassionate” left is undermining the basic norms of civilised societies.

– The Australian