This is How a Culture Dies

Bataclan killer Omar Isma?l Mustafa? is elevated alongside Socrates and Saint Apollonia. Picture: EPA / MAXPPP / HAYOUNG JEON

Matthew Arnold, the Victorian-era poet and critic, once defined culture as, ?the best which has been thought and said in the world?. The modern left has no truck with such lofty ideals. Instead, for them culture is whatever you think will shock the ?bourgeoisie?. The more childishly contrarian they can be, the better.

If that includes putting a jihadist murderer on the same pedestal as one of the greatest thinkers in Western civilization, and a man who was murdered for preaching racial equality and brotherly love, the left will go there. Happily.

Berlin museum includes Bataclan terrorist alongside Martin Luther King in list of martyrs

A new exhibition will open next week in Berlin entitled ?Martyrs Museum? ? it showcases people throughout history who have died for their beliefs, such as Socrates, Joan of Arc and Martin Luther King?and an ISIS jihadi who helped slaughter dozens of people during the Bataclan terror attack in Paris.

The demented ravings of a terrorist who slaughtered nearly one hundred innocent concert-goers for no other reason than that they were ?infidels? are being equated with the soaring rhetoric of the man who declared, ?I have a dream!? The murderous zealot who helped fly a plane full of people into a crowded skyscraper is elevated alongside the father of Western political philosophy, ethics, and moral philosophy.

Hitler died for his beliefs, too – why is his “martyrdom” not celebrated by these lefty edgelords?

Ricarda Ciontos, artistic director of the taxpayer-funded Nordwind association, says that ?the artists want to expand the concept of the martyr?.

Ciontos has previously preached about ?fighting for gender rights, changes in immigration law, more money for the arts, fair wages ? [and] with right-wing restrictions in these Nordic countries?. In case there was any doubt about where her sympathies lie, she also waxes eloquent about, ?the Resistance? of Muslim migrants pouring across the Mediterranean into Europe.

A previous Nordwind exhibition celebrated the Brussels airport bomber.

Bild journalist Gunnar Schupelius, who wrote the original German story, said: ?Socrates died for his conviction. Apollonia was persecuted for her Christian faith. Martin Luther King fought against racism and was shot. What does the murderer of Paris have to do with them??

The answer, is, of course, nothing. Schupelius is missing the point: this has nothing to do with Socrates, Apollonia, Joan of Arc or Martin Luther King. Rather, this is all about tearing down the institutions of the West, and reducing them to the level of barbarians who murder innocents in the name of their twisted religious fascism.

The modern left has come to hate the West. The racist rants against ?Whiteness?, the anti-scientific nonsense of ?gender studies?, the hateful iconoclasm of ?Post-Colonial studies?, are the stuff of the mindless destructiveness of those who know they have nothing to match the achievements of the West.

From their century-long infatuation with murderous Marxism, to their fawning submission to Islam, the intellectual vandals of the left are have relentlessly thumbed their noses at the very idea of High Culture. They cannot better, let alone match, the world built by those who came before them, so they want to smash it all to pieces in a fit of infantile pique.

– Westmonster