Tick tock, time’s running out for the Fat German after a big loss in High Court

Get used to Orange fattydotcom

I hope Kim Dotcom is getting his tailor to measure up a nice orange jumpsuit.

A High Court justice has rejected seven of the eight arguments embattled internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom made against a long-running United States’ bid to extradite him over alleged money laundering and copyright breaches.

In a decision released today, Justice Timothy Brewer said he had granted a US application to strike out the seven clauses of action of Dotcom’s statement of claim for judicial review.??

The US claims the arguments are an abuse of process “being both collateral attacks on previous decisions of the Courts and an attempt to pre-empt Mr Dotcom’s appeal”.

Dotcom is appealing a High Court decision made at the start of the year that he is eligible to be extradited to the US; the appeal will be heard in February next year.

His arguments against the extradition include challenges to the validity of the arrest warrant used when police raided the rural Auckland mansion he was living in 2012, and that the then-Minister of Justice’s request for his surrender was not valid.

The only remaining argument is an eighth cause of action, which was not challenged by the US.

It relates to a decision by the Deputy Solicitor-General in June to direct that clones be made of the electronic devices seized from Dotcom’s homes and that they be sent to the US.

Dotcom’s legal team remain optimistic, with barrister Simon Cogan telling the?Herald?the team were heartened by the fact the court accepted they had an arguable case that could be taken to the Court of Appeal.

Dotcom is looking forward to challenging the US in the Court of Appeal in February, Cogan said.

One step remains, Billy Big Steps is off on a jet plane. Then we can finally be rid of his immense shadow on New Zealand.


-NZ Herald