It is time to stop funding Palestinian terrorism

Bad news.

The Islamic terrorist group we fund?won’t let us?mediate the non-existent peace process that they’ve rejected and walked away from every time and under every previous president. I don’t know what we’ll do now. But it’ll probably involve giving them more money (thanks to everyone who neutered the Taylor Force Act) and trying to negotiate an impossible peace with them anyway.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told an international summit Wednesday that the United States was unfit to mediate the Mideast conflict, marking a major policy shift after decades spent courting American goodwill.
But there is a role for the US in giving Abbas hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Would you continue to give money to a father who spends the money on himself, beats his wife and children and uses some of the cash to buy a baseball bat that he uses to bash his next door neighbour?

Sometimes the PLO reminds me of a murderous brat. “I’m not gonna talk to you dad, but you still have to pay for everything.” I have a modest proposal. It involves not funding terrorists. Especially snotty terrorists.

Abbas said Trump?s decision was a ?crime,? which came at a time when the Palestinians were engaged with Washington in a new push to reach a long-elusive peace agreement with Israel, the ?deal of our times.?

Yeah, sure they were. I bet they have a bridge they will sell us too.

?Instead we got the slap of our times,? Abbas said. ?The United States has chosen to lose its qualification as a mediator … We will no longer accept that it has a role in the political process.? He suggested the U.N. should take over as mediator.
That sounds like a plan. The UN and the PLO should mediate negotiations over which of them hates Jews more.

[…]Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who hosted the summit, said it is ?out of the question? for Washington to continue mediating between Israel and the Palestinians. ?That process is now over,? he said

Gee whiz, sounds like they were really committed to that peace process (sarcasm).

But Erdogan can begin negotiations between the PLO and Hamas. Their own terrorist peace process doesn’t seem to be going well. Maybe when Erdogan can bring a lasting?peace between Hamas and the PLO, then we can talk.

Erdogan said OIC members should look for a new mediator and consider taking the matter to the U.N. In earlier remarks to the summit, he called Israel a ?terror state.?
That comes from a Hamas backer with close alleged ties to Islamic terrorists in Syria.

Last week, Abbas? aides said the Palestinian leader would not meet with Mike Pence during the U.S. vice president?s planned visit to Israel and the West Bank next week.
I’m sure Pence is heartbroken.

King Abdullah II of Jordan told the gathering that Trump?s ?grave? decision threatened the resumption of any peace talks.

The problem is that all they want to do is to TALK about peace. Whenever Israel has made a concrete offer for peace it has been comprehensively rejected without even a counter offer in return (unless you consider death to all Jews to be a counteroffer).