Transgender woman gets Labour party Women’s officer fired: You will never guess what happened next

Lily Madigan, 19, won the vote in Rochester and Strood, in Kent

This is what happened: man said he’s a woman, demanded a woman who doesn’t agree was removed from her post, he then got the post instead – the post of women’s officer. This is Labour. This is modern “feminism”.

-Anne Marie Waters

A transgender teenager who demanded the removal of a female Labour member from her post as women?s officer over her allegedly ?transphobic? views has been elected to the post in her local Labour party.

Lily Madigan, 19, who was born male but identifies as a woman, claims she is the first transgender woman to be women?s officer, after winning the vote in Rochester and Strood, in Kent.

Lily is clearly made for a career in politics with the way she ruthlessly removed the competition in order to take her place.

Her appointment highlights the battle being fought between transgender activists, who believe gender should be a matter of self-declaration, and critics who claim that the very category of ?woman? is being erased to appease the demands of a minority group.

This will solve our PM’s concern about how few women are involved in politics. All she needs now is for a few of the Labour men to self-declare as women. Problem solved.

Labour Party rules state that ?the women?s officer must be a woman?. Ms Madigan said it was ?misguided??to suggest she could not fulfil the duties of the role, simply because she was born male.

What part of MUST be a woman did she not understand? What a can of worms Lily has opened. If a self-declaration is all that is required then I can apply for roles that require me to be a certain religion, ethnicity, sex or have a certain sexual preference by simply stating that I self-declare as a Maori, lesbian or a?Muslim male for example.

Congratulating the teenager on her election, Teresa Murray, Medway councillor and vice-chairwoman of the executive committee of Rochester and Strood CLP, acknowledged that ?Lily will have to work very hard to convince other people that her very presence there is not going to undermine them?.

A transgender woman getting the role of Women’s officer undermines women’s rights comprehensively. Without the self-declaration Lily would be a white male and part of the patriarchy. Perhaps this is the start of white males fighting back by confusing modern feminists and Labour party members by using their own political correctness against them [ sarcasm]

The Labour councillor said that ?lived experience as a woman? should be considered an advantage ? but not a prerequisite ? for the role of women?s officer. She added: ?Someone who is an accountant would probably make a better treasurer initially, but that doesn?t mean we should only give the role to an accountant.?

The stupid is strong in this one. Someone who is a trained surgeon would probably make a better surgeon initially but that doesn’t mean a hospital should only give the role to an actual surgeon. See how crazy that sounds?

Ms Madigan made headlines last year when she threatened to sue her Catholic school in Kent when it tried to prevent her from wearing a female uniform. The school later apologised.

Last week?The Times?revealed how Ms Madigan complained to the committee of a different constituency Labour party, demanding that officials remove Anne Ruzylo, 52, as women?s officer and suspend her from the party because she had been offended by her views on gender identity on Twitter. Although the complaint was dismissed, it formed part of a wider transphobia campaign which partly prompted the resignation of Ms Ruzylo and the rest of the executive committee of Bexhill and Battle.

Lily not only took out the competition she forced the entire executive committee to resign. Usually, that kind of ruthlessness is blamed on white men…oh wait…

Ms Madigan said she would ?give women a voice? in her new role. According to the official position description, her duties will include ?encouraging women to join the party and empowering women party members to play a full and active part in the party?s activities?. The position of LGBTQ officer was also available, but Ms Madigan said she fought to become the women?s officer because she felt it was important ?to represent the views of a diverse group of women?. […]

?Firstly, trans-women are women, women who are vastly more under-represented than most. We haven?t even had a transgender MP yet,? she said, adding that her ?goal is to be the first one?. ?Like most women, I?m a feminist. They aren?t mutually exclusive issues, far from it. I would argue strongly that all appeals to biology are anti-feminist. We can?t challenge the view we are limited by our biology in one breath and use the biology argument against trans women in the next.?

Hear that? Science is anti-feminist. The truth is hate speech.

Ms Murray, who will be sitting alongside the student on the executive committee, described the complaint about Ms Ruzylo as ?a manifestation of Lily?s inexperience?. ?She will have to accept and understand that when people disagree with you it?s not a personal slight,? she said.

Why would Lily have to do that? Being offended has been a powerful and effective career progressing move for her. I am sure she will continue to use it in her climb up the Labour party ladder.