The Trigger warning generation are going to destroy the planet


[…] Monash University has become the first in Australia to implement a policy of “trigger warnings”.

[…] in recent years criminal law students at Harvard University have objected to the discussion of sexual assault law because it could cause victims distress, Associate Professor Johnson said it is the very fact that material might disturb students that can benefit society, pointing to the reform of sex assault laws in Australia.

“Those young feminist students in the 70s who were reading law and looked at the way women were represented in the law, who studied rape cases, who then went on to be lawyers who advocated to change the legislation about rape in court ? if they hadn’t experienced the horrors of reading the materials as students, how would they know what to fight against, how would they know what to kick against?” she said.[…]

I fear for our planet’s future when the trigger warning generation is in charge. Afraid to tackle the hard and uncomfortable issues head on they prefer to pretend that they do not exist. It is because of people like them that evil can flourish as they do not want to peek under the covers but instead want to hide under the bed. We see this cowardly attitude every day now as people do not want to know the truth about uncomfortable topics like the ideology of Islam. They do not want to examine the statistics that show that mass migration and open borders bring violence, rape, honour killings, paedophilia, anti-semitism, no-go zones and terrorism. They prefer to cling to the notion that all cultures are equal and that if we are good to people who despise us that they will all be grateful and will assimilate.

It is the trigger warning generation who think that lying to the public is protecting them from worry. They think that it is more important to keep people ignorant of the truth so that they can feel safe rather than confront the brutal reality and have them living in fear and demanding that their government do something about the threat. They think that pretending that the UK’s child rape gangs that target white British girls are not made up of Muslim men is more important than protecting white British girls from terrible sexual abuse and rape. It is more important to them to not face uncomfortable and confronting facts about a ideology than it is to protect the innocent.

The biggest and the most dangerous lie is the one that tells us that the West is not currently involved in a holy war. How can we protect ourselves if we are not allowed to examine our enemies and their motivations? I don’t want to feel safe and not be safe, I want to feel afraid and use that fear to do something about the threat.

The trigger warning generation are going to destroy our planet and as it burns they are going to hug each other and chant, everything is going to be okay, it is a lovely day today.