The two faces of our Prime Minister

These two situations don’t even show massive irony – they are just plain hilarious.

As the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage she is saying (paraphrased):

“Golly-G I better meet with these ballet scoundrels as they are refusing to take Swan Lake to the proletariat in Taihape.

I shall DEMAND to meet them.”

As Minister for Child Poverty Reduction (again – paraphrased):

“Golly-G there is no way I am going to meet with those Maori and Pasifika families that are finally succeeding in those dashed Charter Schools. It would be much too embarrassing and they could be getting ideas above their station … success, ambition, well-being and all that. I wouldn’t be seen in such a place…what would the unions and the SJW’s think of me.”

“I shall REFUSE to meet them.”

Luvvies in tights are OK by our Prime Minister, kids doing well in schools should have those same schools closed down. It’s pretty hard to reconcile.