If you want to take down Western Civilization, covertly emasculate the males

[…] Gay and lesbian people […]? They deserve the same love and respect and dignity as everyone else. But when this gets promoted, like an advertising campaign, when kids are told there is no biological imperative, everything is a choice ? well now we are coloring outside the lines a bit. And adding the ?T? to create LBGT is how that political lobby aligned itself with the mentally ill.

Don?t I sound like an angry middle-aged white guy, about to lecture you about the kids of today? Then the media brainwashing is working and it will be very easy to tune me out. I?m probably uneducated and get all my facts from Fox News. Yeah, I just don?t ?get it?. You can go back to your dating app now.[…]

He is so right about the media brainwashing. I have very strong views yet so prevalent is the propaganda that we are fed day after day even I sometimes cringe or feel uncomfortable when someone says the truth. I ask myself why do I feel uncomfortable when they say that and the answer is that I have been told that the truth is offensive, the truth is hurtful, the truth is bullying and the truth makes me a Nazi or an extreme right-winger. Telling the truth means that I am hateful. Kind people, ” progressives” spare people’s feelings by telling lies and by pretending that everything is okay when it clearly is not. I am not, therefore, a kind person.

[…] Rothstein also bankrolled ?LOGO TV? featuring teen and tween entertainment such as ?Rupaul?s Drag Race? a show that celebrates men who want to be women. They are judged, sort of like Ms. Universe, but for mentally ill people, suffering from Gender Dysphoria. They also promote ?DragCon? which is like a big festival to reinforce the sense of normalcy, regarding men who are tragically emasculated. Yes, there is, without a doubt, an organized effort to emasculate young males ? or at least to make emasculation normal.

[…] So what am I saying exactly? […] A media-driven society, passively committing cultural suicide? It?s an assisted suicide really, with the help of our Doctor Murray Rothstein and other amoral moguls.

How do you feel, about a handful of anti-American, smut peddlers deciding the direction that American culture will go? Who gets to tell the story around our collective digital campfire? Who will protect your children from the sicko story tellers? You? Is that even possible, in this technological age?

In Australia they are fighting the battle in their schools as the ” Safe Schools” programme which was created by hard-core LBGT activists is successfully spreading twisted and sick sexual and gender twisting propaganda in both primary and secondary schools.

Are you okay with all of this? Or, are you one of the growing number of people who see a pattern here and are gravely concerned? Maybe you stopped being concerned a long time ago and you are simply pissed off.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans are only vaguely aware that someone has polluted the well from which we all must drink. But those who are only vaguely aware are hypnotized. They are hooked. They don?t want to know where the dealer gets the stuff or what is in the stuff. And all of that is by design. As a nation, we are so addicted to entertainment, we don?t know the difference between entertainment and reality. The entire culture has become a constant freak show. Meanwhile, our enemies sit and wait.

A wave of emasculation has swept across the nation, making millions of our men unprepared to deal with the covert Islamic invasion or the overt Globalist invasion.

Is it intentional, how distracted and confused we are supposed to have become? Is there some kind of unholy alliance at work here, one that we have seen at other points in history perhaps?

Yes, there is a crime being committed against the civilized world. And as with any crime one is trying to solve, you must ask yourself, ?Who benefits?? So, who benefits when we are distracted and confused? Who benefits if Western Civilization collapses? And,?who profits?from helping them do it?
If you want to take down Western Civilization, covertly emasculate the males.
Then start making all things masculine offensive ? the cause of all evil in the world.
Teach that gender does not exist.
Start with the Universities, then spread out into entertainment media.
Before you know it, the barking guard dog has become a harmless house cat?
Don?t worry, that this could happen in the future ? or that it?s starting to happen. It happened. And then, as fate would have it, we were given one more chance. We elected Trump. If you agree with what I?ve said here so far, that a once great America has become weak, distracted, divided and confused, then what are you doing personally to Make America Great Again?